Aqua park Draguljica in Josanicka Banja is open during September

Aqua park Draguljica in Josanicka Banja will continue to work during September, as long as the weather allows.

The pool is filled with thermo-mineral water and the ticket price for a full day stay is 200 dinars, while the entrance for children under 7 is free. The working hours of the pool are from 09:00 to 18:00.

Within the complex is a cafe with a variety of offers where guests can refresh themselves at very reasonable prices. More information about AKVA PARK on tel: +381 64 824 42 52

You can also refresh yourself and have lunch in one of the restaurants located near the Draguljica aqua park in Jošanička Banja:

Restaurant “Na Jošanici” – contact phone: +381 65 363 90 73

Restaurant “Lužnjanin” – contact phone: +381 61 644 62 46

If you are on Kopaonik or in the vicinity, do not forget that you have the opportunity to stop by in September and enjoy the pools of the aqua park “Draguljica”, which are filled with thermo-mineral water.