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Kopaonik Running Camp 2020, 19-26. July

For the third year in a row, Kopaonik is hosting a Running Camp intended for recreational runners who want to spend an active summer on the mountain.

Kopaonik Running Camp 2020 will be held in the period from 19 to 26 July and is a real opportunity to prepare participants for the Trail race Kopaonik on 25 July.

“During the summer, Kopaonik offers ideal conditions for an active vacation. This is a location where our top athletes regularly go for training. Now it is available to recreational runners. For the third year in a row in July, Capital Crew organizes a sports racing camp on Kopaonik. is intended for recreational runners who want to spend an active summer.
Professional running coaches hold trainings twice a day, but this is not the only content of the camp.All other time is filled with excursions and activities such as walking tours, zip lines, adventure park, artificial rock, panoramic cable car ride, basketball, table tennis, movie night and more.
There is always a student at the camp who is not a runner, but that is why he gladly participates in all other activities.
Expect that the trainings will be top-notch, but also that you will enjoy nature, socializing with runners, and that you will be completely ready for the Kopaonik 2020 Trail race – which does not require any special trail equipment, “said Capital Crew Belgrade.

Kopaonik Running Camp 2020 in brief:
19.07. – arrival of participants, opening of the camp, afternoon training
20.07. – 2 trainings + walking tour
21.07. – 2 trainings + adventure park, zip line, artificial rock
22.07. – 2 trainings + cable car ride to Pančić and tour
23.07. – 2 workouts + afternoon at the pool
24.07. – 1 training + rest before the race and party
25.07. – Trail race Kopaonik + race party
26.07. – closing of the camp, return home

There are 3 camp options:
– CEO CAMP 7 nights
– HALF CAMP 4 nights
– WEEKEND 2 nights

More details and price list Kopaonik Running Camp 2020 HERE