MK Summer on Kopaonik

If you enjoy mountain climbing, walks and a wide variety of activities that raise adrenaline and end up with nice evenings, then Kopaonik is the place for your vacation.

As for the summer offer at Kopaonik, this mountain center becomes the venue for adrenaline entertainment and is increasingly attracting tourists of all generations.
There are: Indoor and Outdoor Pools, complete SPA Experience, walking tours,  paragliding, mountain biking, bob sled on rails, zip line, skiing on artificial surfaces, archery, panoramic cable car, “Off road” quads, tjubing, rafting, canyoning, alpinism, horse riding, bird watching, fishing, hunting, excursions and monasteries, bowling, squash, table tennis …

Something for everyone so the summer on Kopaonik is more than fun.

Mountain biking – Cross Country trails
If you prefer to ride a bike, the paths on Kopaonik pass through the most beautiful ambient of the Kopaonik National Park. Guaranteed unforgettable experience for anyone who decides to master himself and Kopaonik in this way.

Bicycle riding on the “Bike Park” trails can satisfy people with less fitness and those more demanding. 5 km long descent routes are built according to the standards of the European Union and Canada and are a great challenge for those who like this kind of biking.
Bike Park consists of 3 lanes: light (KGB), medium difficult (Struga) and demanding (Mordor). The first track is specially made for beginners and children, while the other two tracks are for experienced drivers only.
The width of the track varies from 60 to 120 cm, and on certain sections are earth waves, curves, wooden bridges, jumps and obstacles. In the valley of sports, a bicycle polygon was set up.

Driving on off-road vehicles – “off road tour”
For those who prefer four-wheeler, we recommend off-road driving along the tracks with full challenges.
Visit the peaks of Kopaonik and the most beautiful parts of the National Park with a stay in nature.

Zip line – Lowering the line down by free fall, you will feel the flow of air and the beauty of a strong union with nature.

MK Mountain Resort hiking tours

MK Mountain Resort walking tour is the ideal way to get to know the most valuable natural rarity of the National Park Kopaonik. All directions of movement are carefully selected, and the routes have mild climbs.

Archery (arch and arrow)
Regardless of whether you played bow and arrow in childhood, believe that you will be able to learn all the details of the proper use of these two subjects. Arch, arrows, gloves, shields and targets, and with that curiosity and persistence to target the target as close as possible to the center … That’s it! The program consists of training and practice of shooting traditional Turkish wooden arches.

The tandem fly paragliding in one of the attractive locations on Kopaonik like the Orlovih stena, Gobelje ili Kadijevca. Feel the mountain air all around you and enjoy the bird’s eye view.
Skiing on artificial surface and Tubing
Skiing and sledding in the middle of the summer? And where’s the snow? No, but it’s exciting! Lower the ski slopes down the artificial track or on large tires on a special plastic base down the slope. Suitable for all ages.

Bob sled on the rails
Lowering the special track on the rails through nature at a height of 6m above the ground. You decide at what speed you descend, and for the real adrenaline hit, relax in the curves.

MK Mountain Resort Kopaonik, for the summer spent in the mountain, offers you the following packages:Family promo package, Grand relax weekend, Grand Safari, Cycling Adventure, Sport and nature,

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Calendar of summer events on Kopaonik HERE