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New Year’s Eve 2020 with Dragana Mirković at the Grand Hotel

On New Year’s Eve at Kopaonik at the Grand Hotel, one of our biggest music stars, Dragana Mirkovic, will perform here for the first time in her career. This performance will be one of the centerpieces of music and entertainment this winter season at the Grand Hotel, which for years has brought visitors to our most beautiful mountains exclusive musical performances.

Dragana Mirkovic has announced a superb performance, and will be accompanied by the famous Orchestra by Aca Sofronijević . Organizers are rightly expecting the full venue to accommodate more than 600 guests up to the last place.

“New Year’s Eve always carries some magic with it and has a special energy. I’ve been sharing this positive feeling with my audience for 35 years and can’t wait for the New Year’s concert at the Grand Hotel. I am immensely happy to be performing for the New Year on Kopaonik for the first time and that we will host this prestigious hotel, ”said Mirković.

In a replay of “The Craziest Night,” on January 1st, guests at Kopaonik also expect the best party that any of the greatest hits of our folk music, Ana Bekuta, will take care of. She, with the Aca Sofronijević Orchestra , will be in charge of providing the audience in the Grand Hall of the hotel with unforgettable moments with well-known tunes.

Seating is limited and tickets can be purchased in packages as low as 19,000 rsd, which include a music program to welcome and reprise the welcome as well as a festive New Year’s Eve.

Experience the 4 star hotel experience, enjoy the food of our best chefs and unique views of Kopaonik peaks, reserve your spot on time.
photo: Mirko Tabasevic

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