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Pastoral original yoga in Kraljevi Čardaci from August 2 to 9, 2020.

Kraljevi Čardaci Spa and Yoga massage center from Kragujevac are organizing a seven-day workshop “Pastoral (original) yoga” from August 2 to 9, 2020.

In addition to asanas, meditation and introduction to chakras, workshop participants will be introduced to the miraculous power of yogic breathing (pranayama). In good mountain air, we practically learn yogic breathing techniques that work to reduce stress, calming breathing techniques (they work faster than tranquilizers). Energy-boosting breathing techniques (against depression), breathing techniques for asthmatics, breathing to cool the body, breathing techniques against shaking hands and head, breathing for people with high and low pressure, breathing to strengthen the nerves, against shortness of breath (wheezing) , anti-migraine and purifying breathing.

The workshop includes an introduction to the more subtle part of yoga (mudra, banda and kriya). It includes massage and rejuvenation of internal organs, which are the most painful. Workshop participants receive basic chiropractic treatment and chakra balancing treatment.

The workshop is led by yoga instructor Goran Mojović – Charlie.

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