Ski Caffe

Ski caffe Zimska bajka

Ski caffe and restaurant “Zimska Bajkais located in a well-known location on Kopaonik, at Jaram and offers traditional Serbian cuisine as well as local juices but also other drinks and beverages at very reasonable prices.

“Zimska bajka” has prepared for its guests the juices produced by the traditional recipe of the Kopaonik region, and there are also two four-bed rooms, with a separate bathroom and a common living room for dining.

Svratite do  Zimske Bajke and enjoy the true mountain ambiance as well as the traditional dishes – cabbage and beans from the grunts, sarme, srneći gulaš, as well as venison meat or some dish with the addition of a truffle characteristic for Kopaonik.

Info and reservation: +381 60 067 06 19
FB: Zimska Bajka – Kopaonik