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Snowboard block with champion Evin Pesic during winter break

Evin Eva Pesic, former Yugoslav champion, Serbian national team player, demonstrator and snowboard instructor, is now on the Kopaonik ski slopes to spread her knowledge and passion for this incredible sport.

In order to make snowboard popular and children love this wonderful sport as well as the pleasure that snowboard provides, Evin launches its champion “Snowboard Block with Mom Evin” which includes 4 hours of driving per day + lunch break + provided equipment (shoes, snowboard).

his break I would like to bring together a group of 9/13 year olds to work with for 4 hours a day with a 1 hour lunch break.
10: 00 / 11:50 Snowboard block
12: 00/13: 00 Lunch Break
13: 00 / 14:50 Snowboard block
My plan is that on 7 days , the children staying with their parents on Kopaonik will be skiing with me and learning to ride the snowboard independently. In order to provide adequate instruction, I also provide equipment for lunch breaks.
In order for the Block Sa Evin offer to be realized, it is necessary to apply 4/5. children, ”says Evin Pesic, a former snowboard champion.

For those who would like to provide their children with quality snowboard training during the holidays, please contact Evin Pesic on tel: +381 63 466 660 or via FB page