Sokanjčići are popular right now at the Sokače Kopaonik Tavern

During the winter season there are also Sokanjcici at the Sokace tavern on Kopaonik.

Frakelj, fraklić, čokanj or čokanjčić are some of the more famous names for homemade brandy glass.
Dear guests, these are your trumpet cones popularly known as Sokanjčići. You can get them at the promotional price of the tongue twister.
Your only task is to pronounce the following tongue twister correctly when you arrive : “Sokanjčićem ćeš me, Sokanjčićem ću te” and you will win your trumpet Sokanjčić.
But that’s not all!
The most correct pronunciation of a tongue twister (and there will be many because of the liquid that is poured inside) wins Sokanjčić filled with content – brandy of your choice.
Lots of love from Sokače on Kopaoniku!
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