The Municipality of Brus announced the sale of land in the tourist complex “Srebrnac” on Kopaonik

The Municipality of Brus announced the sale of land at the location Srebrnac on Kopaonik, swept the “Zavoj” by public bidding, as follows: cat. 3447/17 KO Kriva Reka, area 1. 45, 30 ha, entered in the real estate list no. 692 KO Kriva Reka, which is within the scope of the Plan of Detailed General Regulation of the Srebrnac Tourist Complex on Kopaonik, within Zone II, by intended area.

The starting price of the public tender is EUR 2,550.00 / acre (total price 370,515.00 EUR).

The right to participate in the public bidding process – bids are held by legal entities and individuals, and one of the conditions is the payment of deposits in the amount of 30% of the starting price.

The application is submitted on the official application form, which can be downloaded from the Brus Municipality website (

Information as well as access to documentation related to the said real estate can be obtained at the premises of the Municipality of Brus every working day from 10:00 to 13:00. Contact person: Grujić Vesna, phone +381 37 31 50 101