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Tourist tour EASTER INSPIRATION 2024 organized by TO Raška May 4

Get to know the foothills of Kopaonik through the EASTER INSPIRATION 2024 tourist tour organized by the Raška Tourist Organization on May 4th. The tourist tour starts from the roof and ends at the foundations of Serbian spirituality and statehood – visit the preserved monasteries and feel the peace and spiritual strength of this beautiful mountain region.

Program of the tourist tour EASTER INSPIRATION 2024:

09:30 – 10:00 – Gathering at the parking lot in front of the Konaci complex

10:00 – Departure from Kopaonik

11:15 – Arrival at the Gradac monastery
Jelena of Anjou, the eternal dilemma, that is, Holy Queen Jelena, the only truth.

13:15 – Departure from Gradac

13:45 – Arrival at the Nova Pavlica monastery
The paintings of the monastery are witnesses of significant historical events and personalities of the Middle Ages.

14:45 – Short walk to the Stara Pavlica monastery
A cultural treasure that stands guard on the edge of the rock, from where it defies time and constantly monitors the valley of the river Ibar.

15:15 – 16:45 – Arrival in Raška (Free time for refreshments and lunch)
The place of the river of the same name and the first Serbian state.

16:45 – Končul Monastery
On the way to Hilandar, someone found a hiding place there. Find out who.

17:45 – Departure for Kopaonik
This concludes the tourist tour. Raska continues to speak to some new generations, and she is waiting for you to come back.

Tourist tour participants are led by Kristina Barlov, a licensed guide.

Those interested in a free tourist tour can register every day at the Info Center on Kopaonik or by calling 036 5471 333 and 064 8159 702 no later than May 3rd at 12 noon. The number of passengers is limited. So grab your seat on time.

Note: The costs of food and drinks are borne by the passengers.