A meeting of mountain centers of the region was held on Kopaonik

foto:Skijališta Srbije

Kopaonik 31.03.2023. In the previous few days, Kopaonik was the center of a meeting of representatives of 20 mountain centers from 8 countries of the region and companies from the field of infrastructure, development and digitization of centers. Back in 2013, the Ski Resorts of Serbia, in cooperation with the Center for Tourism Research and Studies, developed the “MoReSCE” brand, which gathered leaders in the mountain tourism industry every 5 years.

After the pandemic that severely hit the tourism industry and the climate change package affected the development of mountain centers, the theme of this year’s meeting was about investments and innovations, with the aim of improving competitiveness, better positioning and easier accessibility. Mountain centers from Serbia, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, North Macedonia, Montenegro, Romania, Bulgaria and Turkey were present together with leaders in the artificial snow industry, planning and development and digitization who discussed the topics of virtual ski shops in a constructive atmosphere. tickets, the extension of the summer and winter seasons, the recovery of centers after crises and many other topics that affect competitiveness and development.

The summit of mountain centers of Central Europe “MoReSCE” was held on Kopaonik in the hotel “Viceroy” from March 28 to 30. The summit brought together eminent experts from this industry, and was organized by “Skijališta Srbije” and the Center for Tourism Research and Tourism Studies. The slogan of this year’s meeting is “Investments and innovations in mountain centers”. As this industry was greatly affected by the pandemic, but also by war and climate change, the key topics concerned investments, improvement and further development of ski centers.

With the participation of over 100 delegates, representatives of the Ministry of Tourism and Youth of Serbia and the Ministry of Economic Development and Tourism of Montenegro, MoReSCE once again positioned Serbia as a leader in the development of mountain centers and Ski Resorts of Serbia as an example of best practices. We were especially pleased with the promotion of “zero kilometer food” from Kopaonik and wine from the Fruškogorski vineyard with the participation of 7 wineries and one cheese producer.