Kopaonik calendar SUMMER


„Days of queen Jelena“
Manifestation „Days of queen Jelena“ are dedicted to queen Jelena which are maintained in Raška.


Paths of SERBIAN TROPY are weekend ride with off-road vehicles on Kopaonik.

„Vidovdanski sabor beseda i zdravica“
„Vidovdanski sabor beseda i zdravica“ is held not far from the monastery Stara Pavlica in order to preserve, nurture and develop Serbian spirituality and tradition.


„Enduro Raška“
Endura Raška, moto meeting and motorcycle rides on the territory of Raska-Golija, Kopaonik, Josanicka Spa

3rd July „Kopaoničko Metođe“

„Sabor frulaša“
Sabor frulaša of Central Serbia and Kosovo and Metohija will be held on July 7th in Igroš

„Downhill without borders“
„Downhill wirhout borders“ is rafting along the Ibar River at the foot of Kopaonik

„CISM Summer Training Camp – with competitions in orienteering and mountain ranking“

Orienteering: „Kopaonik OPEN“
„Kopaonik OPEN“ is world known orienteering competition
„Kopaonik OPEN“ – 5 days, 5 stages, classical orienteering challenge
„Kup Raške“ – downhill orienteering
Organizers: Sports company „Jasenica“ with partners.

„Kopko O-kamp“ – orienteering training camp
„Kopko O-kamp“ – orienteering training camp, 8 trainings, 5 days
Organization: Sports company „Jasenica“ with partners.

21st July Saint Prokopije – Nebeske stolice, Kopaonik

„Dani Borovnice“
Dani borovnice or blueberry days is a manifestation that aims to gather all lovers of natural beauty, clean air and forest products. All participants are able to compete in the harvesting and storage of blueberry products by an expert jury. The organizers provide a prize for the winners. During the final competition on the central square, guests are entertained by cultural and artistic societies.
Organizers of the event are: Turističko sportska organizacija Raška, Opština Raška, Turistička organizacija opštine Brus, Nacionalni park Kopaonik and MK Mountain Resort

„Trail race Kopaonik“
„Trail race Kopaonik“, the first in a row of races, opens the start to all fans of running. Participants will, depending on their readiness, be able to choose one of two races. For those who are more willing, there is “15K Kopaonik”, or a race track for 15 kilometers. For those who, for the first time, try to run through mountain-forest areas, there is “7K Kopaonik”,  a race of 7 kilometers.

„Three sides of Kopaonik“
MTB race “3 sides of Kopaonik” will be held on July 30th, which represents a unique cycling race and one of the most exciting marathons in our area. Covering the area of the Kopaonik National Park, the marathon runs through thick coniferous forests and forest meadows, making it a combination of forest roads, single track sections, beautiful and swift descents, as well as steep and exciting climbs. There will be several categories: Small marathon / Parade – 22 km, Middle marathon – 46 km and Grand marathon / Relay – 64 km. The start of the race is traditionally at 10:00 am in Konaci. Organizer: Sport Association “Na sve strane”


August 2nd “Ilinski sabor”, Semeteško jezero

„CISM Čelendž Cup”– Regional Military Championship in mountain ranking.

Golijski susreti

„Koznik – the city of knights“
“Koznik – the city of knights” is a manifestation that takes place in the medieval town of Koznik on August 9, on the day of Saint Panteleimon, the holiday of the city when the medieval life is revived with the sounds of medieval and traditional Serbian music and the presence of knights. There is also a fine arts and poetry colony with a special cultural art program.

„Raške duhovne svečanosti“
Raška spiritual festivities are the most important cultural manifestation of the Raska region, which is held annually in August. The first day of the event is the opening of an exhibition of works created at the International Academy of Art Academy “Jelena Anžujska Academy” (last Sunday of July) and the rest of the days are planned for a diverse cultural and artistic program. The manifestation, over the years, was attended by top artists, writers, philosophers, priests, musicians, scientists, film and theater makers.

„Dani preobraženja“ Brus
The Days of Transfiguration and the Day of the Municipality of Brus is a tourist, cultural and sports event that takes place from 19 to 21 August. Within this manifestation, the manifestation Zlatne Ruke Brusa is held. On that occasion, all visitors can see and enjoy the tastes of traditional dishes of the subcontinental region. Within the manifestation there is an exhibition of local handicrafts and souvenirs.

„Plum days – Blace“
At this year’s manifestation “Dani šljive – Blace” guests will have the opportunity to attend scientific and professional gatherings on plums, but and also to enjoy in various entertainment – cultural events and concerts during the three days of the event.


„Days of the boletus“
The days of boleuts on Kopaonik is a manifestation aimed at gathering lovers of nature, hiking, mushrooms and products of the same. Participants can compete in harvesting and cooking boletus dishes. The quality of boletus is judged by an expert jury in several categories.

„Podibarski susreti – Nemanjićki dani“, Baljevac
“Podibarski susreti – Nemanjićki dani” are held at the beginning of September in Baljevec, as well as the Fair of Honey, Healthy Food and Folk Culture.

„Župska berba“ Aleksandrovac
The most famous economic and tourist manifestation of this part of Serbia, which has been in existence for half a century, brings together the best Župa winemakers and winegrowers in the holiday hat marks the beginning of grape harvesting. Visitors to the Župska berba have the opportunity to eat gourmet meals with wine from the unique in the world “Fountains of Wine”. A great attraction is Wine Street, a place where the visitors stay longer and have the opportunity to see and taste wines and other grape products.

“Trace Badgers” Raška
“Trace Badgers” – the enduro race on Golija runs in four categories:
– A class for experienced drivers up to 550 cubic meters, heavy ground
– B class for medium-sized drivers up to 550 cubic meters, medium-sized terrain
– C class for a 550cc engine – 1 cylinder
– D class for a 550cc engine – 2 cylinders
The organizer of the motor club “Jazavci” from Raška


October 14, “Vašar” (Raška)
Raški Vašar is one of the oldest fairs in Serbia. The first organized fair was held in 1860. Every year, on October 14, Raška hosts numerous merchants as well as guests from different parts of Serbia.


„Serbian Trophy“
Serbian Trophy is the crew of field vehicles in overcoming the obstacles of difficult passing terrain. In addition to domestic crews, the caravan was joined by crews from Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Montenegro and Croatia.

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