Domestic products Andrejić Kopaonik – Kopaonik market

For many years, the domestic products of the Andrejić family have been offered by the Kopaonik market, located across the street from Club A.

We offer a large selection of products, prepared in the traditional way, from Kopaonik and the region below Kopaonik forest and local fruits …

Sweet strawberry, blueberry, plum, quince, raspberry, blackberry, white cherry, aronia … Blueberry jam, apricot, raspberry, blueberry, rosehip, strawberry …

as well as fruit juices and syrups but also blackberry wine, blueberry wine and home-made red wine.

You can also buy various types of honey from the Andrejić family – meadow, acacia, forest, pine, then aronia in honey, nettle in honey and always topical sexy salad – walnut, almond, hazelnut in honey
In addition to fruit products there are homemade kajmak, cheese and kačkavalj … then ajvar sweet and hot as well as home-made meat products, mushrooms both dry and in brine, then flour, beans …
In addition to buying products at the market, delivery is possible both in the center of TC Kopaonik and in the weekend resort, but also by Post exprers – by agreement.
Info and orders
on tel +381 63 80 47 867 Milan Rumeni