When you are on Kopaonik, visit the church in Kriva Reka

The village of Kriva Reka on the slopes of Kopaonik, about 17 km from the Tourist Center, has long been known for its church – place of worship – Saint Peter and Paul (July 12), and Saint Elijah (August 2) is celebrated, which was built at the beginning of the XVII century (1618-1620).

One of the most tragic stories during the Second World War is related to this place, when in the period from October 10 to 12, 1942, the Nazi SS division “Prince Eugene” with the help of Bulgarian soldiers brutally killed over 300 inhabitants from the village of Kriva Reka and the surrounding areas, and more than a dozen villagers were locked in a church and burned.

The road with a length of about 17 kilometers, from the Tourist Center to the church in Kriva Reka, will lead you through the beautiful landscapes of eastern Kopaonik while enjoying the view and the panorama – of course you can go by car, but it is even more enjoyable to cross this route, which is not too demanding, by bike and maybe on foot.