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Action for clean rivers of Serbia in Brzeće on June 13

In the tourist place Brzeće, at the foot of the peaks of Kopaonik, on Saturday, June 13, 2020, an action of cleaning rivers will be held, called CLEAN RIVERS OF SERBIA. Meeting point of the picnic area MALO METOĐE in Brzeće at 10 o’clock.
Important conditions for the success of the action were provided by good and self-conscious hosts of the village BRZEĆE and the tourist household “Dobrodolac”.

“Come to the action to free the rivers from garbage that we did not throw away! “- calls for action “Rajko od Rasine”.

The Association of Citizens for Nature Protection and Nurturing of the Serbian Heritage “Rajko od Rasine”, based in Brus, has held 16 actions in the Rasina basin in the past 3 seasons. During the actions, they collected over 1400 bags of garbage, not counting bulky waste, crossing over 7 km of the river Rasina, some parts even 2 times. In addition, two cleaning actions were held in the village of Kriva Reka.

“We’ve done a great job and we can do more if we’re more numerous – join.” – says “Rajko from Rasina.

Contact and applications by e-mail or via instagram profile @reke_srbije