Add the fifth star to your vacation at the Viceroy Kopaonik Serbia

On the occasion of its second birthday and in anticipation of the opening of the summer season on the mountain of the sun, the famous five-star resort – Viceroy Kopaonik Serbia, has prepared another unforgettable mountain vacation experience, starting with irresistible offers from the June days, but also throughout the summer. Spacious accommodation, gastronomic magic, intimate wellness experience and adrenaline adventures in nature confirm why the Viceroy is the only hotel in Serbia, outside of Belgrade, to receive Traveler’s Choice, the famous Trip Advisor platform, entering the top 5 of 2,518 hotels.


From the moment you enter the hotel, you will understand why Viceroy Kopaonik Serbia is synonymous with luxury, quality and top service. You will be welcomed by friendly and smiling staff, and there is also a traditional toast as befits real hosts.

For an ideal break and rest after the trip, comfortable rooms and suites are available, from comfortable beds to carefully prepared details that will make your stay even more pleasant. If you are impatient to indulge in the synergy of seductive flavors, head to one of the hotel’s restaurants – Mountain Kitchen or Pique Ski Bar.

With a perfect combination of seasonal, domestic and international dishes, magic on a plate served by culinary experts, which are perfectly matched with a rich offer of wine, you will awaken your senses and complete the day with the finest gastronomic experience.

Whether you want to enrich your days with relaxation or training – in the hotel’s comprehensive, intimate SPA center or in the gym with the most modern equipment, be sure that each choice is the right one, depending on what suits you best. It is certain that you will always find peace and privacy, and the choice remains between a relaxing massage or a revitalizing treatment. A sauna or pool break is a must-have before immersing yourself in the world of interesting book titles in the colorful library with a warm or refreshing drink.

Ceca Živojinović, a famous model who lives and works in Los Angeles, came to Kopaonik to join the Viceroy’s birthday celebration and the opening of the summer season on the mountain.

“Whenever, during the magical weekend at the Viceroy, I thought I couldn’t get any more excited, I would be surprised again by the new part of the hotel or the initiative of the staff.” The entire resort contains literally everything that your body or soul may need, during the days in which you want both rest and enjoyment at the same time. Among the activities, I would single out a yoga class, along with massages and treatments in an intimate SPA center, at which time it simply stops. There is a relaxed, pleasant atmosphere in every corner of the hotel, and the gym is so well equipped that you can train with ease,” said Ceca Živojinović.


Warm sunny afternoons are ideal for enjoying the hotel’s outdoor swimming pool, especially when you are with the best company. All you have to do is “rest” your eyes with a view of the green slopes of the mountain and soak up the warm rays of the sun, while the skilled bartenders and staff will delight you with a glass of refreshing vodka or unique cocktails. However, it’s just a warm-up for the real fun. While the sun is slowly setting, hurry to put on your favorite summer outfit, because a DJ party is waiting for you on the terrace of the Mountain Kitchen restaurant, next to the pool.

As the “Golden hour” approaches, take advantage of the moments to create memorable photos with your team, while slowly transitioning into the twilight of the Pique bar, where you will experience a relaxing cocktail experience, recommended is the Adrenalin Pique cocktail. Gastronomic surprises will await you at every step, such as delicious plates with a unique selection of cheeses and specialties, with a mix of seasonal fruits for a sweet delight. Real gourmands and the most playful can expect delicious burgers for a quick recharge, as well as a tasting of different types of wine from local regions, about which you will have the opportunity to hear more from experienced winemakers, as part of the Wine Festival that will be organized on July 8, from 2:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. hours, exactly at the Viceroy Kopaonik hotel.


It is known that nature has the power to regenerate body and soul, and the one that adorns Kopaonik in summer will certainly not leave anyone indifferent. The multitude of waterfalls, rivers, hiking trails, forests and nature reserves will awaken your spirit of exploration. Have a quiet picnic on the fragrant slopes, fresh air, with light snacks and a favorite book, or challenge the adrenaline-hungry version of yourself by riding quads or electric bikes through the hidden parts of the silver mountain. The view of the mountain from the air will enchant you during the gondola ride and give you a completely new perspective of the beauty of Kopaonik.

Have you ever tried your hand at treasure hunting and tested your knowledge of one of the most popular mountains in the region? If you haven’t, the perfect opportunity to do so is a treasure hunting adventure that will strengthen your team spirit and take you back to your playful childhood days.

Stefan Nevistić, the winner of the TV show Survivor Serbia for 2022 and a professor of physical education and sports, said that for the first time he had the opportunity to discover the charms and beauties of Sunny Mountain during the summer months.

“Besides the various activities we enjoyed at the Viceroy Kopaonik Hotel, I especially liked outdoor activities such as hiking, treasure hunting and quad biking, in which I participated with great companions. I feel at home in nature, and by the smiles and energy of my team during all the joint adventures, it has been shown once again that these beautiful landscapes are within reach of all of us, and that we should spend time in them more often”, concluded Stefan Nevistić.


Specially, on the occasion of its second birthday, the Viceroy Kopaonik hotel presents a specially tailored offer for those who want to extend their stay on the mountain – with savings of up to 20 percent.

The enchanting nature of Kopaonik represents a real oasis, and the new chapter of hospitality opened by Viceroy Kopaonik is an extraordinary experience that you will want to experience again and again after your first visit. Whether you are accompanied by family members, closest friends or traveling alone, all you need to do is bring a good mood and leave the rest to the top caterers and hosts. Book unforgettable adventures under the sun as soon as possible and treat yourself to a five-star summer!