After the historic success with the Chinese national team, Jurica Stanković will soon be on Kopaonik

Kopaonik 03/18/2022 Jurica Stanković, multiple champion of Serbia in skiing and snowboarding, professional manager of ski resorts around the world, is now the coach of the Chinese Paralympic team in snowboarding, with which he achieved historic success.

At the recently held Paralympic Games in Beijing, the Chinese national team in snowboarding won 10 medals – 3 gold, 3 silver and 4 bronze medals.

foto: Jurica Stanković

During his stay in China, Jurica constructed the Snowboard cross trail in the largest indoor ski resort in the world.

The won medals are another recognition for the expertise and knowledge of Jurica Stanković, who is also an honorary citizen of Georgia for the achieved results in the field of winter tourism development while he was the director of the largest ski resort in that country.

In the coming days, Jurica will visit the Kopaonik ski center, where he won a number of gold medals as a competitor and where he was an instructor of skiing, snowboarding and telemark skiing techniques for many years, which will be an opportunity for a more detailed text.