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… Or three reasons why activities at Kopa are MANDATORY this year as well

“Winter is coming, and with it the winter magic. And what makes us especially love this season is the fact that we can finally enjoy our favorite mountains. ”

Yes, this is exactly what the introductory text and the invitation to winter would look like only a year ago. However, the year 2020 surprised us all and brought numerous temptations, obstacles and unexpected situations. It is superfluous to talk about that, since we are practically constantly exposed to recommendations and certain restrictions due to the current pandemic.

If you are wondering how you will go to winter this year, due to the new situation, the answer is quite simple – easy

Now, more than in previous years, it is important to dedicate yourself to your health, the health of our loved ones and strengthening your immunity. And one of the best allies for that is just an active stay on the mountain.

Although many think that the mountain is a place where you go on a little more active vacation, it is much more than that.

Reasons why it is important to go to winter EXACTLY this year.

  1. The mountain strengthens immunity

Good immunity does not come by itself, you have to work hard for it. For strong immunity, you need to eat well and get enough vitamins and minerals in your body, to be physically active and to be exposed to stressful situations as little as possible.

Fresh mountain air, which cannot even be compared to the polluted city air, has a very favorable effect on the general health of the organism.

Mountain air heals both soul and body. Your immunity will be strengthened, your blood count will improve, your lungs will rejoice, and you will feel good overall.

Just a few days spent in the mountains can neutralize stress from your body that has been accumulating for months.

After your stay on the mountain, you will be in a better mood and full of energy. This is what the mountain will selflessly give you, and what you can do is forget about the phone while you are in winter vacation and see how much benefit that experience will bring you.

You are on the mountain and closer to the sun than anywhere else in our country during the winter. And since there is not enough sun and vitamin D in these months, the mountain provides these sources of vitality.

It is important that during your stay outside you do not forget to use adequate eye protection, as well as a cream with SPF factor for the face, because if you are not careful, you can burn more than at sea!

And of course, the fresh mountain air will open your appetite, so you will take all the necessary vitamins and minerals into your body through healthy, local specialties.

  1. The mountain is moving

In the city, people are static during the winter and often do not want to leave their warm homes. However, while staying on the mountain, the opposite will happen, you will need to go outside, to enjoy nature and fresh air. And most importantly, because of the cold, you will need to move.

There is no better place where you can be physically active during the winter than the mountains. In addition to getting started and thus strengthening your immunity, you will also have the opportunity to enjoy winter sports, new adventures and experience other charms of an active stay on the mountain.

Skiing and snowboarding will shake you up, improve your fitness and help coordinate your movements.

However, due to the current situation, now some modified rules apply on the mountain, which is important to respect, and we will talk about them in another post.

What is also important is that these rules, if properly followed, do not prevent you from enjoying the charms of the mountain.

  1. Kopaonik – a mountain that regenerates

The third reason why it is important to go to winter this year is Kopaonik – one of our most beautiful and most famous mountains. The air on it can not be compared with any other place in our country and staying on it is always a unique and different experience. .

Dense coniferous forests are there to accompany you while skiing or snowboarding on the top ski slopes and to keep you company during easy walks.

What Kopaonik especially brings is peace, something that many places no longer own.

In addition to numerous activities, this mountain is ideal for all those who need peace and true rest from the fast city life and stress.

Idyllic snowy landscapes, beautiful forests and clean air will revive you and fill you with good energy.

To conclude…

Don’t allow yourself to fall into hibernation, because you will have absolutely no benefit from it. And from the active winter on the mountain, especially on Kopaonik, you can get a lot: better condition, better health, stronger immunity and overall better state of body and mind.

source and photo: MM Ski škola