Electronic payment for vehicle entry into the Kopaonik National Park

Kopaonik 01.02.2023. JP National Park Kopaonik informs visitors that e-Billing for the use of motor vehicles in the protected area has started today.

How does e-Billing work?

From February 1, 2023, you will not have to stop at the toll booths when entering the National Park, but simply drive through. The cameras at the toll booths will record your license plates and you will be registered in the system.

Payment will be made upon exiting the National Park and according to the already valid unchanged price list.

You can make the payment in two ways:

  • Electronically through the website
  • In person when exiting at toll booths that work from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m

The e-billing system allows the user to calculate the most favorable amount of compensation in relation to the period of stay (for example: the visitor spent 5 days in the National Park with a passenger vehicle, upon leaving he will receive an offer to pay for a weekly ticket amounting to 800 dinars instead of paying for 5 daily tickets that would amounted to 1500 dinars).

Visitors who do not make the payment within 8 days after departure will not receive discounts for the weekly or annual ticket, but their stay will be charged 300 dinars per day + warning costs. For visitors who plan to visit the National Park several times a year, we recommend purchasing an annual ticket.

If you pay with a Mastercard card through the website, you will receive an additional discount of 100 dinars.

I category of motor vehicles up to 1.3 m high (at the front axle of the vehicle) – motorcycles and passenger vehicles;

  • per day – 300 dinars
  • per week – 800 dinars
  • per year – 2,000 dinars

II Category of motor vehicles with trailers up to 1.3 m high and vans;

  • per day – 500 dinars
  • per week – 1,300 dinars
  • per year – 3,300 dinars

III Category of motor vehicles with a height greater than 1.3m (buses and trucks);

  • per day – 700 dinars
  • per week – 1,800 dinars
  • per year – 4,500 dinars

IV Category of motor vehicles with a height greater than 1.3m (at the front axle of the towing vehicle) with more than three axles – all vehicles with more than three axles;

  • per day – 1,700 dinars
  • per week – 4,500 dinars
  • per year – 22,000 dinars

V category of vehicles, which includes snowmobiles, four-wheelers, i.e. quad vehicles (ATV, UTV, SSV), enduro and rally motorcycles, modified vehicles for the transport of tourists and heavy off-road jeeps

  • per day – 300 dinars

Kopaonik National Park e-billing site at the link HERE