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Get to know the nature of KOPAONIK through a seven-day walking tour from August 19 to 26, 2023.

The best way to get to know and experience Kopaonik in the summer is a seven-day walking tour through the wonderful landscapes of Kopaonik, which is traditionally organized by PSD “Kopaonik” from Belgrade accompanied by expert guide Jovan Đokić.

This year 2023, the seven-day walking tour will be held in the period from August 19 to 26.


Day 1, 19.08. (Saturday) arrival and accommodation at the ski-mountaineering lodge “Kopaonik” (SPD)

From Belgrade, departure from the Main BAS at 07:00, arrival in Kopaonik around 12:15. It is desirable that those who come with their own transport and have a seat in the car to receive other participants with payment at the regular price.

In the afternoon tour of the Tourist Center and Trim trail, dinner and rest from 11:00 p.m.

Easy tour: length about 8 km, ascent 276 m, descent about 152 m, max. height 1797 m.

2nd day, 20.08. (Sunday) HOME– MALA GOBELJA – VELIKA GOBELJA – HOME

Medium effort tour (path length _12 km, total ascent 200 m, descent 200 m, min. altitude 1934 m, max. altitude 1934 m, total duration about 6 hours): SPD “Kopaonik” (1725 m a.s.l., KT1) – Mala Gobelja 1844 m – Velika Gobelja (1934 m a.s.l., KT2) – Jaram 1788 m – Dom.

3rd day, 21.08. (Monday) HOME – JARAM – METOĐE – GVOZDAC – YARAM – HOME

Medium effort tour (path length _12 km, min. altitude 1402 m, max. altitude 1788 m, total duration about 6 hours): SPD “Kopaonik” (1725 m above sea level, KT1) – Jaram (1788 m above sea level) – old road – Geyzir (1402 m a.s.l., KT3) – Holy ground Metođe – Gvozdac – Jaram – home

4th day, 22.08. (Tuesday) HOME– MALI KARAMAN – LEDENICA – KARAMAN – HOME

Moderately strenuous tour (trail length 8 km, total ascent 200_m, siazak_200, min. altitude 1725m, max. altitude 1925 m, total duration about 6 hours): SPD “Kopaonik” (1725 m a.s.l., KT1) – Ledenica 1840 m – Karaman (1913 m) – Pajino preslo 1804 m – home


Medium strenuous tour (length about 12 km, total ascent and descent 300 m, total duration 6 hours): SPD “Kopaonik” – Pajino preslo (1804 m) – Crkvine – Nebeska stolica (1896 m above sea level) – Pajino preslo – Dom.

6th day, 24.08.(Thursday) HOME- SUVO RUDIŠTE – TRESKA (Šiljak 1626 m) – HOME

Easy tour (path length about 12 km, total ascent about 300 m, descent 358 m, max. height 1978 m): Home(1720 m) – Pajino Preslo (1804 m) – Suvo Rudište (1978 m, KT5) – Šiljak peak (1626 m) ) – Home.

If we have our own transport, in the afternoon we will go on a tour of Raška and Novi Pazar.

7th day, 25.08. (Friday): HOME- MARKOV KAMEN – SAMOKOVKA DAM – Jaram- HOME

Moderately strenuous tour (length about 10 km, ascent about 150m, descent about 150m): Dom (1720 m a.s.l.) – Mark’s stone – dam on Samkovka – junction for Kadijevac – Jaram (1788 m a.s.l.) – Dom.

8th day, 26.08. (Saturday) VILLAGE TOUR AND RETURN

During the tour of the mentioned trails, anyone who wants to can visit all the checkpoints of the “Josif Pančić” hiking trail, which is about 45 km long. The price of the diary and craft transversal is 200 dinars.




The total price of the arrangement (accommodation, food, tourist tax for adults and organizational costs) is:

– for double and quadruple rooms with bathroom – 14,847 dinars,

– for a six-bed room (room 6), with a bathroom – 14,663 dinars,

– for rooms with 13 and 12 beds (room 9 and 10 lower bed), shared bathroom – 14,332 dinars,

– for the upper bed in the 12th bed, room 10 and extra beds, shared bathroom – 13,965 dinars,

Daily schedule: get up at 06:00, breakfast from 07:00 to 08:00 and walking tours from 08:00 to 14:00.

Lunch from 14:00 to 15:00, and dinner from 20:00 to 21:00.

The price of the arrangement includes the tourist tax, which per day of stay amounts to:

– Children up to 7 years old – No payment

– Children from 7 to 15 years old. 50% = 60.00 dinars

– Older than 15 years – 120.00 dinars

Reservation and payment method:
A reservation requires an advance payment of at least 50% of the price of the arrangement. Payment can be made in two installments until departure to Kopaonik.

Mountaineers outside Belgrade or those who cannot come to the Society can pay to the current account of the guide. The TR number can be obtained after providing personal data (surname, first name, date of birth, name of the club – association, mountain card number and contact phone number) via SMS. I have been receiving payments since July 24.

Special notes:
Membership in any mountain organization in Serbia is mandatory. A hiking card with a stamp for the current year is carried during registration and to the action.

By registering and paying for the arrangement, the action participant undertakes to comply with the Law on Sports and all valid regulations of the Mountaineering Association of Serbia, regarding participation in mountaineering actions.

Minors can only go accompanied by a parent or guardian.

Registration and other information: by phone  064 285 15 72 or email: