Grand Hotel & Spa doubled its visits on Kopaonik this summer

Kopaonik, 09/09/2020 This summer, Kopaonik was one of the most attractive tourist destinations in Serbia, and Grand Hotel & Spa provided its guests with a completely new concept of summer vacation on the mountain.

For many visitors, unforgettable excursions were organized in nature reserves, botanical tours, visits to the most attractive localities and one of the highest waterfalls in Serbia, but also adrenaline activities with exciting safaris and quad adventures in untouched landscapes of exceptional beauty.

That is why it is not surprising that this summer was marked by a record number of domestic tourists, which is almost 50 percent higher than last year. Hotel Grand has proven to be the right choice when it comes to prevention and protection of the health of guests and employees, consistently applying the highest hotel standards and measures in this regard.

The great success for the most famous hotel complex on Kopaonik is an indicator that you do not have to go far for the best vacation. The summer face of Kopaonik, untouched nature and clean mountain air attracted a large number of families with children, young people, but also athletes who had their preparations for the new competitions at the Grand Hotel.

“Nowadays, the guest recognizes a completely different type of service, with safety and health protection in the first place. Hotel Grand, as the largest on Kopaonik, stands out with its capacity, and its area of 25 thousand square meters is a huge advantage, because in today’s circumstances, hotels and resorts are returning to the big door, which with their size, spaciousness and functionality provide more than enough space to every guest feels safe and secure. Guests have at their disposal all the necessary protective equipment, and we also do regular ozonation and sterilization of the entire hotel space. We have also introduced the no-service option, which the guest can choose if he wants complete physical distance during his stay. In such circumstances, that is a huge advantage thanks to which we are building a new status of the service “, pointed out Radoš Đorđević, General Manager of MK Resort.

All these advantages are recognized by sports clubs, and Grand Hotel & Spa is traditionally one of the first choices for the preparation of athletes.

Nebojsa Ilic, the team manager of the basketball teams of the Red Star and the Serbian national team, says that they never had any doubts about the choice, offer and quality of service offered by the Grand Hotel.

“We have been coming here for years for preparations and I must emphasize that it is the employees who make our stay here extremely pleasant. This is especially important for sports teams that use all possible conditions, and players are often under pressure due to the upcoming competitions in which we try to be the best. We are always looking forward to coming and no matter how much time we spend here, it always seems to us that there is something else we could see and visit, some hidden secret that this mountain hides, because summer on Kopaonik always offers additional facilities. “

There is almost no hotel and tourist complex in Serbia that offers so many opportunities for vacation in one place, at the fingertips of visitors. Luxury spa and wellness facilities, with the inevitable enjoyment of outdoor and indoor swimming pools overlooking Pančićev vrh, content packages for active holidays with walking tours, quad and safari rides, visits to attractive sites, monasteries, botanical tours, children’s camp in nature, luxury spa packages for those who want complete relaxation, wine tours, romantic picnics and much more that you can experience during the Miholja summer, which is especially beautiful on the mountain.

This summer, the Grand Hotel & Spa has pushed the boundaries and brought a completely new holiday experience, and thanks to the quality offer and ideal weather conditions, the season is expected to be extended during the autumn months.

Carefully designed packages include an excellent selection of activities and facilities that are available under the package on the most favorable terms for hotel guests, and special emphasis is placed on exclusive spa treatments, family activities and facilities for children, touring the most beautiful sites on Kopaonik, but also getting to know the oldest wine region in Serbia. Package prices are balanced so that they represent the best relationship between the offer and the quality by which the Grand Hotel is recognized.