“Greek Family Weekend in Kopaonik” held at the Junior Hotel

The most traditional event organized by the Junior Hotel and the Association of Greek Business Enterprises of Serbia, “Greek Family Weekend in Kopaonik”, was successfully held during the period from 18 to 20 October 2019.

The unique and unique three-day escape, get-togethers and development of collaboration between members of the Greek community and its families, accompanied by relaxation, fun, plenty of family-friendly sports and live Greek music, took place for the fourth year running. This was attended by representatives of the member companies of the Association, as well as friends of the Association.

According to the Director General of the Junior Hotel, Mr. Nikolaos Slousiaregou, the event brings together the best possible comments and impressions, with an increasing number of attendees, proving that the hotel and the Association are fully responsive, creating a unique and ideal team building for members of the Greek business community.

He emphasized the great honor and joy that the Greek Family Weekend receives and many presentations from Serbian citizens, who either work professionally with Greece or simply love Greece. According to him, this year visitors also had the opportunity to relax, have fun and enjoy outdoor activities such as hiking trails, sightseeing in Koponik, tennis and basketball games, ATV tours, as well as a children’s program for our little ones friends.