GSS Serbia rescuers deliver aid packages to Gradac Monastery and remote villages in Brus and Novi Pazar municipalities

In the past two days, rescuers from the Mountain Rescue Service of Serbia have taken help packages to the nuns of the Gradac monastery, as well as to a dozen households in remote villages of the Rogozno mountain, near Novi Pazar.

Roads on Rogozna Mountain are very bad, some of them were either taken by water or dug up, so it took the GSS rescuers several hours to reach the households in the hamlets around the villages Kašalj, Strumce, Dragočevo.

“Most of the time, we carried packages of food and medicine ordered by these people, or humanitarian assistance from the municipality and various donors. The first question everyone wants to know the answer to when they see us is do we know how long everything will last and when will it end, ”said Boško Mihailović, a rescuer at the Mountain Rescue Service in Novi Pazar.

On Monday and Tuesday, April 27 and 28, GSS rescuers will carry 40 packs for local villages nearby Kriva Reka near Brus.

Essential life and hygiene packages are provided by Lidl.

The Mountain Rescue Service (GSS) of Serbia is a voluntary organization whose primary objective is assistance and rescue in inaccessible mountain and urban conditions.

To save human life, to help a person in need, is the basic task of the GSS of Serbia.

The GSC of Serbia was founded in 1952 by experienced climbers, while today the Mountain Rescue Service consists of about 250 active rescuers, many of them experienced mountaineers, alpine mountaineers, climbers, sport climbers, cavers, divers, skiers and paragliders.

According to the Law on Emergency Situations, the Mountain Rescue Service of Serbia is included in the factors of protection and rescue in Serbia and defined as a strategic partner of the Emergency Sector of the MUP of Serbia for performing rescue operations on inaccessible terrains. The Chief of the Mountain Rescue Service of Serbia is a member of the Republican Emergency Management Staff.

The GSC of Serbia is a member of the International Surface Rescue Organization – IKAR-CISA (International Commission Für Alpines Rettungswesen – Commission Internationale de Sauvetage Alpin), as well as the European Cave Rescue Association (ECRA), and coordinates its work with the recommendations of these organizations.