Hotel Grand is ready for the 2020 summer season

Kopaonik, May 28, 2020 In the largest hotel complex on Kopaonik, everything is ready to reopen on June 1. With the application of the highest security measures and respecting the highest hotel standards, Grand Hotel & Spa is ready for the new summer season, which will be special in many ways.

How interesting Kopaonik is for domestic guests in the summer is shown by the data on the constant increase in the number of guests in recent years, while last year it recorded a record number of visits during July and August.
That image was certainly greatly contributed by the commitment of MK Resort to the development of the offer and content, as well as the promotion of this exceptional destination, which thanks to that came to life intensively during the summer months.

“We are focused on the further development of the summer offer and we believe that Kopaonik has a lot more to offer in that segment. This summer, our guests will have the opportunity to visit some lesser-known sites, trails, nature reserves, but also to enjoy the new concept of family vacation and fun that we will prepare for them in the hotel. With attractive prices and top offer, we want to justify the reputation of a leader and present Kopaonik to an even wider audience during the summer, both during popular weekends and as part of five-day and seven-day packages that include detox programs, special meals and rich active outdoor vacations.”, said Svetlana Kostić, Marketing and Communications Director of MK Mountain Resort.