Hotel Junior Brzeće is the center for the preparation of athletes and future champions

Hotel Junior Brzeće, at the foot of Pančićev vrh on Kopaonik, with favorable microclimate conditions has a long tradition of accommodation and preparation of sports teams, such as basketball players, handball players, footballers, volleyball players, tennis players and is a great place for sports preparations of all selections. Elevation of 1100m, distance from TC Kopaonik as well as climatic conditions are very pleasing to athletes in order to prepare for top results.

In the last few years, the management of the Junior Hotel in Brzece, defining the development of sports tourism, creates conditions to round off its sports and tourism offer, and more and more sports teams and guests who come here for preparation, sports games, recreation … which is proof that Junior Hotel is a serious and quality center for the preparation of athletes and future champions.

“Good conditions for preparation are a guarantee of success, which is confirmed by the results of the team that have stayed with us, so their success and our success. In addition to teams from all parts of Serbia, teams from abroad also come to Brzece.
The proximity of sports grounds allows athletes all the conditions in creating a physical form for achieving excellent results. We also offer paths for hiking and running in nature, as well as riding a bike for athletes and recreation enthusiasts. Recently, most of the sports facilities have been completed in order to provide even better offer for the preparation of athletes of all selections, both domestic and foreign teams, as well as the stay of other guests in our facility. “- said the management team of hotel” Junior “.

Apart from the preparation of the senior team from the country and the region, within the complex of the Junior Hotel, there are also camps for young athletes.

International football camp Junior (IFC Junior) – two shifts from July 7 to July 21. This camp is a place where young footballers contribute to their development, both through training activities and through participation in an expertly designed program and in numerous activities at the camp.

EKO Serbia Basket Camp – four shifts from June 30 to July 28. The camp is based on basic basketball skills, teamwork under the supervision of professional basketball coaches, in the top conditions offered by Junior Hotel, and camp participants are divided into training groups according to their age and basketball capabilities.

The football camp DEKI 5, which was founded in 2018 by Dejan Stankovic, a celebrated Serbian football player and Serbian national team, is held at the Junior Hotel in three shifts from July 21 to August 10.

In addition to sports, other theme camps are organized, for example, Junior Science Camp 2019, a program for children aged 7 to 16 years – a scientific camp in English with learning, experimentation, good entertainment and daily communication in English.

The hotel complex Junior in Brzeće, which covers an area of ​​8 ha, offers a large number of spots: 4 multifunctional acrylic courts for tennis, basketball and volleyball, 1 handball court, 4 football fields – 1 with natural grass and 3 with artificial as well a modern gym and a sports hall at the ground floor of 20 x 10 m for the preparation of gymnasts and dancers.
There is also an open park for children “Djura Park” as well as in the winter months ski slopes (400 m long) with snow plow and snow tubing.
From the interior, guests have a lobby bar with a fireplace, a restaurant restaurant (capacity of 300 seats), a VIP restaurant hall (capacity 90 seats), a la cart restaurant “Kitchen & Bar”, a mini spa center (2 jacuzzis, sauna, relaxation pool) , gym, playground, mini market, exchange office, meeting rooms (capacity 50 and 70 seats), congress hall (capacity 180 seats).

Having in mind the diversity of content, the hotel meets the needs of the most diverse and demanding groups of guests, but is primarily intended for families with small children, athletes and business people (seminars, team building).

Junior Brzece is not just a hotel, it’s the destination and place for the preparation of athletes and future champions.