Kopaonik ready for the winter season – opening announced on December 3

Judging by the record visit during the summer months and the fact that the interest in domestic destinations is not waning, Kopaonik is expected to be the first choice for vacation and skiing in Serbia this winter as well.

Skiing and winter outdoor sports are considered the safest in the current global circumstances, but in addition, special attention is paid to the preparation of measures to prevent and protect the health of skiers and guests during their stay at the hotel.

A month and a half before the opening of the winter season, the leading Grand Hotel is completely ready to provide maximum security and comfort for its guests.

“After the successfully realized summer season, we are excellently organized to work in” new normal circumstances “, while maintaining the top quality and the highest standards for which we are known. Today, guests appreciate it more than ever before and recognize a completely new type of service, putting the safety and protection of their family’s health first. Although challenging, this season at the Grand Hotel will not pass without the novelties and contents to which our guests are accustomed. We are preparing a new gastronomic concept and the opening of an elite restaurant with a selection of selected world classics and an ambience that will be enjoyed with style. In addition, we will pay special attention to children’s animation and include numerous novelties such as the most popular entertainment and educational gaming center, but also outdoor activities and contents, in order to provide families with quality and safe content. Therefore, we are sure that the Grand Hotel and Kopaonik will justify the status of top service and the best offers of mountain tourist centers in the area this winter as well “, said Radoš Đorđević, the director of the hotel.

In order to maximally adapt to the current circumstances, MK Resort has introduced flexible booking conditions with a Covid guarantee, which includes a refund in full. Until the end of October, there is a special offer and discounts for accommodation reservations in all periods during the winter season.

With numerous novelties, the upcoming winter season on Kopaonik will fulfill the expectations of all visitors and fans of snow sports.

“What will make skiers especially happy are the three new trails they will enjoy, and the construction of the Brzeće – Mali Karaman gondola, which is the most important project for Serbian tourism, is being accelerated. Despite large investments in ski infrastructure, construction of gondolas, expansion of the number of ski slopes and a new control system, Ski Resorts of Serbia will not change the prices of ski passes this season. There are also numerous discounts that will be approved in pre-sale, but also during the ski season itself. Skiers and boarders are provided with the opportunity to get their ski pass online, completely contactless in a quick and easy way, and enjoy the entire winter season on Kopaonik. In addition, it is possible to pickup ski passes contactless through pickup boxes that will be located in ski centers, but also in Belgrade. From year to year, Kopaonik is an increasingly attractive destination for domestic and foreign tourists, as evidenced by last year’s record, when between six and seven thousand skiers were recorded on the slopes every day during the winter months. This information speaks in favor of the attractiveness and development of the destination, which is why Kopaonik can be found in the same category with ski resorts in Europe, “said Dejan Ćika, director of the Ski Resort of Serbia, on the occasion of the opening of the season.

Pre-sale of ski passes through the discount web shop starts on November 15 and will last throughout the season.

For reservations of winter arrangements at any time until the end of the season, the Grand Hotel has provided special conditions and numerous benefits that are valid until the end of October. In accordance with the current health situation in the country, the conditions of the reservation are more flexible than usual, and in addition to attractive discounts, a kovid guarantee is also available. In order for all guests to feel safe and secure, the kovid guarantee allows for a refund in full in the event that one of the guests to whom the reservation applies becomes ill with coronavirus. As part of the package for the opening of the season, from December 3 to 6, ski passes will be available, while ski equipment and ski school will be offered on more favorable terms, as well as numerous other hotel services. With the spaciousness, comfort, convenience and safety that Grand Hotel & Spa offers to its guests, specially adapted facilities and surprises specially designed for hotel guests, will provide as always an unforgettable start to the winter season, which will traditionally open on the first weekend in December.

Hotel Grand stands out for its capacity, and its area of 25 thousand square meters is a huge advantage, because it is the size, spaciousness and functionality that provide more than enough space to make every guest feel safe and secure. From the very entrance to the hotel, all the necessary protective equipment is provided, and regular sterilization of the entire hotel space is done, with a special emphasis on rooms and apartments.

Also, a “no-service” option has been introduced on request, which the guest can choose if they want complete physical distance during their stay.

The World Ski Federation also recognized that Kopaonik is a worthy competitor to the most famous European ski centers. With their support, Ski Resorts of Serbia and the Ski Association of Serbia are largely preparing for the organization of the European Cup for skiers, in the disciplines of slalom and giant slalom, which will be held on the Duboka track from February 22 to 26, 2021.

This is the first time that the Kopaonik ski center will host one of the most prestigious ski competitions. Following all the recommendations in the field of health protection, masks and bandanas (protective scarves for snow and cold) and gloves will certainly be mandatory when boarding the cable cars. Access to the cable cars will be regulated, and points of sale will be provided.

There is no doubt that Kopaonik, thanks to the organization, professionalism of the staff and the preparation of trails that are world-class, will be the most sought-after destinations this winter, and Grand Hotel & Spa is an ideal place for a safe and unforgettable winter vacation.