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Kopaonik SUMMER 2019 Cimet i vanila for refreshment on the summer scene of Čardaci on July 26th

On Friday, July 26th, on Kopaonik will be performed kabare performances “Cinnamon and vanilla” on the Summer Scene of Kraljevi Čardak starting at 20:00, and within Kopaonik SUMMER 2019.
They play: Vesna Stanković, Milica Janketić i Snežana Jeremić Nešković. Pianist Jovan Stamatović Karić

This performance is also a musical timeline in which you will hear the most famous whispers of the fifties and sixties of the last century, live, in the performance of the actresses themselves.

Letnji program Nova Varoš. Sinoć.

Gepostet von Teatar Balkan Novi Pokret am Donnerstag, 25. Juli 2019

Kabare CIMET AND VANILA make stories of love, passion and longing from the corner of three women, different life stories and love experiences. Their daily and unusual experiences, along with song and dance, will be told by a lawyer, nurse and stewards. Spiritually and fun, fluffy and charming, they bring everyone present into their hidden world that smells of cinnamon and vanilla, and in which everything is possible …