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Music Week Kopaonik 2023 is approaching

Although the season at the most popular winter destination is in full swing, the month of March promises much more, with a musical spectacle approaching in one of its best editions.

Music Week Kopaonik, the seventh in a row, will be held in the Event Hall of the Grand Kopaonik Hotel, during two March weekends, from March 9 to 12 and from March 16 to 19, and the list of main performers makes this event exclusive again this year and unique due to the fact that it gathers the biggest regional stars in one place.

The first weekend is reserved for an “exclusive performance” with senior Milica Pavlović and Saša Matić, who will perform together in front of the audience on Friday, March 10, while on Saturday, March 11, the masterful Željko Joksimović will prepare his authentic show for all festival visitors . The second weekend will be opened by a lady who has been “shaking” the Balkan scene for decades – Lepa Brena, and for the very end of the festival, on March 18, a long-awaited spectacle and concert in memory of regional star Dino Merlin has been announced.

With exclusive facilities, Kopaonik next to the Grand Hotel in March exudes the energy of real fashionable European ski resorts – a dynamic and exciting combination of skiing and sunbathing, unavoidable gastro and apres ski stations, a refined fine dining experience and a phenomenal night out, thanks to the top production and musical and stage spectacle in directed by Sky Music.

“Music Week Kopaonik is the biggest winter music festival in the region, unique in that it gathers the most famous names of the regional music scene in one place. At the same time, it is a unique concept of a luxury mountain vacation, which allows guests to enjoy all the privileges such as top ski service close to the ski slopes, luxurious spa facilities, discounted tickets for all concerts and first-class comfort at the location of the festival itself! That is why over the years it has developed into an event that is recognized and attractive even outside of Serbia, in Macedonia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Croatia,” say the organizers of the Sky Music and Grand Kopaonik festivals, expecting a record attendance this year.

Hotel Grand Kopaonik

Hurry up, secure your place under the stars of Kopaonik, and experience the perfect combination of luxurious mountain atmosphere and an unforgettable musical spectacle.

Tickets for the concerts are available in a limited number and outside the hotel packages, on free sale, through the official website of the festival.