On Kopaonik snow is falling with increased wind, cableways are working selectively, traffic is difficult

It’s a real winter in Kopaonik – snow falls with a very strong wind and visibility is reduced due to fog. With the new snowfall, the snow height is over 70 centimeters. Road routes to Kopaonik are passable with heavy traffic from the direction of Brzeće.
Some ski lifts do not operate due to high winds that reach speeds of over 100 km / h at Pančićev Vrh. Depending on the weather conditions, primarily the strength of the wind, the cable cars will be put into operation, but first and foremost is the safety of skiers and workers of JP Ski Resort of Serbia.
Traffic is hampered by high winds and heavy fog that reduces visibility to about 10 meters:

“The road from Brzec is cleared at full width, there is snow and wind on the road. It is obligatory to use the chains so that drivers can easily pass. The road is cleaned regularly depending on weather conditions and maintained for traffic. There are large columns of vehicles because of the shift of tourists, and that makes difficult to clear the road. The strong wind creates deposits. To mention that it is mandatory to use chains on vehicles to make it easier to pass this section and to avoid traffic congestion which makes it difficult to clear. “ – said the man on-duty “Kruševac put” on Srebrnac.

Also, the routes from Jošanička Banja and Raška, maintained by “Novi Pazar Put”, are passable with the obligatory use of winter equipment due to snow on the road.
In case you need road information or assistance you can contact the AMSS at 1987 or the Srebrnac checkpoint on +381 37 47 84 44 or the “Novi Pazar – Put” section Kopaonik +381 36 5471 370.