Reconstruction of the pedestrian paths Jelovarnik and Metodje waterfalls has been completed

Kopaonik 02.07.2021. In June, in the Kopaonik National Park, works on the reconstruction of the Metodje and Jelovarnik Waterfalls paths were performed and completed in order to make tourists safer and safer as they move along these paths.

The foot paths Samokovska reka and Markov kamen will be closed, until the moment of repairing.

Together with the employees from the Kopaonik National Park, the locals are also participating in the landscaping action, which shows that the cooperation with the local population is at an enviable level.

After the rehabilitation of the situation, in the forest complexes, all hiking trails and localities will be reopened, to the joy of all those who have so far enjoyed the benefits of walking and staying in nature in the Kopaonik National Park.