Ski center Kopaonik works at almost full capacity, snow height 50 centimeters

Kopaonik, January 10, 2022 Ski center Kopaonik works at almost full capacity – almost all ski installations are in function, as well as entertainment facilities in the Dolina Sportova. In operation are Sunčana dolina, Malo jezero, Krst, Pančićev vrh, Treska, Duboka 1, Karaman greben, Mali karaman, Mali karaman A, Marine vode, Marine vode A, Karaman, Jaram, Gobelja, Kneževske bare, Gondola Brzeće – Mali Karaman, Gvozdac, Duboka 2, Krčmar BMW, Mašinac, Vučak, conveyor Jaram, conveyor Mašinac, Ski kindergarten…

The height of the snow cover is about 50 centimeters, while there is about 30 centimeters of trampled snow on the ski slopes. The working hours of the cable cars are from 09:00 to 16:00.

“Kopaonik Ski Center is working at almost full capacity. There is a little fog, a lot of new snow, no crowds, at least for now … The trails are well maintained and it is great for skiing.” Kristina Simić, a ski instructor, shared her impressions.

For lovers of skiing and snowboarding, we also offer night ski trails Pančićev vrh and Karaman greben – working hours from 18:00 to 22:00.

Tubing, Bob sled on the Rails and Children’s Park are among the entertainment facilities in the Dolina Sportova.

All roads to Kopaonik are passable with the obligatory use of winter equipment.