Ski season on Kopaonik is finished

foto:Skijališta Srbije

Kopaonik 18.04.2023. The ski season on Kopaonik has officially ended after 131 days of continuous work. This season was very specific due to extremely unfavorable weather conditions that marked the beginning of skiing in Serbia, but despite this, the Kopaonik ski center remained open throughout the season, offering skiers a unique opportunity to enjoy winter sports.

That the skiers were eager for skiing and snow was also shown by the number of visitors, when 15 thousand skiers skied in just one day. With this number, absolutely all attendance records since the existence of Ski Resorts of Serbia have been broken. This year’s skiing season on Kopaonik will also be remembered for the fact that for the first time the ski center worked at full capacity, as all the slopes and ski installations were in operation. This allowed all visitors to enjoy all the trails that were in operation, including Bela Reka trails 1 and 2.

These slopes were closed for a long time due to lack of snow, but this year they were open to all skiers thanks to artificial snow systems, as well as the Brzeće-Mali Karaman gondola. Bela Reka 1 and 2 are one of the most demanding trails on Kopaonik, and their opening allowed skiers to enjoy the challenges these trails provide.

This year’s ski season on Kopaonik began on December 8, and ended on April 17 after more than 4 months of work. During the season, skiers had the opportunity to enjoy numerous fun activities, ski races, charity ski races, concerts and other events. This winter, Kopaonik also hosted the Summit of Mountain Centers of Central Europe “MoReSCE”, as the largest regional professional gathering in the field of mountain tourism.