Skiers from ski club Stara planina participate in the Development Camp for talented athletes in Kopaonik

Members of the Stara Planina Ski Club participate in the development camp for talented athletes in Kopaonik, organized from December 8 to December 14, 2019 under the auspices of the IOC, organized by the Ski Association of Serbia.

Ski club Stara Planina is represented by Anastasija, Nikolina, Ilija, Petar and Maksim and the camp is also a training seminar attended by Nemanja Pešić.

According to the representatives of the Stara Planina Club, good conditions for training and great progress of the participants from Pirot are expected, and by the end of the year they plan another camp on Kopaonik for snowboarders for a week organized by SK Stara Planina.
source: photo: SK Stara planina