The final agreement on the construction of the gondola from Brzece to Kopaonik is coming soon

Brzeće - polaz BELA REKA 1

It is increasingly certain that an agreement will soon be reached on the start of construction of a gondola at the Tourist Center Brzeće, which would connect this tourist spot into the ski lifts and ski slopes of the Serbian Ski Resort on Kopaonik.
This news will primarily delight all hoteliers in Brzeće, as well as lovers of top-notch skiing, as they will once again have the opportunity to enjoy the ski slopes BELA REKA 1 and BELA REKA 2

Brzeće – BELA REKA 1

After several years of promises, or nearly three decades, more serious action has been taken to solve the cable car problem from Brzeć to Kopaonik and to agree on the start of construction of the gondola, thanks primarily to individual hoteliers in Brzeće.
Unofficially, several meetings were held with representatives of the Government of Serbia, the Ski Resort of Serbia and the Municipality of Brus to find solutions and reach agreement on financing, drafting of the project documentation and plan for the construction of the Brzeće gondola towards Kopaonik peak, which should be open in 2021/22.
In the coming period, preliminary agreements and contracts are expected to be signed as well as an official press release.