The fine dining restaurant BACCO opened at the Grand Hotel on Kopaonik

Kopaonik, 31.12.2020. Do you remember when you tried something for the first time? The first time you went skiing, try the top quality wine, first feel the snow melting on your face while swimming in the warm outdoor pool? Do you remember the fireworks of taste that explode in the palate, enjoying the unique combination of subtle aromas and cigar flavors, with which only the finest wines can be compared?

Now, at the Grand Hotel on Kopaonik, try your new first experience, called Bacco. The new a la carte Fine dine & drink restaurant is the answer to the need of the narrow target group of the Grand Hotel, but also of Kopaonik itself as the most visited tourist destination. This mountain needs something new, innovative and challenging in every sense. The name of the restaurant is derived from the word Bacchus – God of wine, and tobacco as enjoyment in special moments. This restaurant is the crown of the catering skills and gastronomic creativity of the Grand Hotel.

With seventy seats in an ambience made up of refined lines and details that exude discreet luxury, the restaurant clearly stands out from the overall catering offer on Kopaonik, but also outside it. It offers its guests an authentic experience and a unique gastronomic-hedonistic journey that begins at the very entrance to the restaurant.

The restaurant concept is designed for those with a refined taste for food, drink and sophisticated details in complete synergy. French cuisine in fusion with elements of Mediterranean and Asian with the highest quality ingredients from around the world, emphasize freshly prepared dishes and complete the gastronomic pleasure. Sophisticated details such as caviar, excellent cigarettes, wine, cognac, largely present performance of the final food preparation in front of the guest, a private wine cellar with a top selection of wines, wine maturation technology that gives certain labels added value after a while, as well as a fantastic atmosphere with sounds good music and fun with style are just some of the reasons why Bacco will become a new synonym for hedonism.

The art of living is a challenge for the chosen ones, visit the Bacco restaurant at the Grand Hotel on Kopaonik and see for yourself!
photo: Vladimir Miladinović