The GSS of Serbia participated in the anti-terrorist exercise on Kopaonik

Kopaonik 15.03.2021. Rescuers from the Mountain Rescue Service of Serbia participated in a joint anti-terrorist exercise with members of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, a special anti-terrorist unit, a helicopter unit, the gendarmerie and the Kraljevo Police Department.

“Our job was to do a medical evacuation and transport of the injured hostage, using snowmobiles and special stretchers. And then we transport to a police helicopter, equipped for search and rescue. We try to raise the level of training of our rescuers every day through various exercises,” said Branislav Ćurčin, rescuer of the Mountain Rescue Service of Serbia.

4 rescuers from the Mountain Rescue Service participated in the exercise. The goal of the anti-terrorist exercise that was performed on Kopaonik was to show the reaction of the members of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in the situation of the terrorist act on the ski resort and the hostage situation in the facility in the immediate vicinity.

The Mountain Rescue Service of Serbia is a voluntary and non-profit organization whose main goal is assistance and rescue in inaccessible mountain and urban conditions. Saving human life, helping a person in need, is the basic task of this service.

The GSS of Serbia was founded in 1952 by experienced alpinists of the Mountaineering Association of Serbia, while today the service consists of about 250 active lifeguards, many of whom are experienced mountaineers, mountaineers, alpinists, sport climbers, speleologists, divers and skiers. The service has doctors, doctors of science, engineers, members of the army, special police units, students …