The ski slopes on Kopaonik are “ironed” at night – working evening on snow groomer

When the ski resort closes, the working hours are just beginning. During the whole night, they prepare the slopes so that the skiers can welcome the perfectly “ironed” slopes in the morning.

Skiers have been praising the preparation of the ski slopes for years, and this is certainly due to snow groomer drivers who spend every night arranging them. Although it seems simple, this job requires a lot of experience, and in addition to knowledge, it is necessary to meet other conditions in order for everything to go according to plan.

In order for the snow grooming to start snow grooming the track, it is necessary for it to have at least 30 centimeters of snow. The time for which the skiers can arrange the whole ski resort also depends on the weather conditions. The best condition is that the air temperature is in the minus, and how much snow groomers will come out on the track depends on the weather. When the conditions are ideal and all the snow groomers come out on the trail, it takes about 6 hours to trample the entire ski resort.

Drivers say it’s not easy, but they try to make the tracks look perfect. “We are moving for each other, in order to finish the whole track, make traces and not return to it. In that way, we reduce the number of turns and we can cross from track to track “, points out the driver of the sheet.

The guard on duty collects information from the ski resort and, in agreement with him, starts processing the ski resort. Ski groomer starts from the center of the ski resort and arranges trails to the periphery. If there is not enough snow, artificial snow is thrown in places where it is necessary, which is the practice mainly on black slopes.

By purchasing sheets with a winch, it is significantly easier to cover black paths, because thanks to the cables, they can go down the steep roads.