The traditional 3S race was held on Kopaonik in 2023

 Kopaonik 18.03.2023. More than 70 competitors took part in the traditional 3S race of the Ski Resort of Serbia, which was organized today on the Karaman Greben track on Kopaonik.

The first place in the men’s category was won by Ivica Blagojević, while the second and third places were won by Nikola Jeremić and Sava Minić. In the women’s category, Lara Popović was the best, while Daša Dobrodolac and Jela Sapaoć won second and third place. Among the best in the children’s category were Dimitrije Miletic, first place, Aleksej Filipović, second and Nikola Vuković, third place.

Registration for the race was free, the best won a set of skis, body armor and ski equipment.

The “3S” race is the first ski race of this type organized by Ski Resorts of Serbia and has been organized for several seasons as a traditional friendly event.

The ski resorts of Serbia would like to thank the competitors for their participation and for the excellent atmosphere!