Tips for going out into nature – Mountain Rescue Service of Serbia


With the arrival of the long-awaited summer and the sudden rise in temperature, more and more people decide to go to the mountains, even for a short walk, with the desire to rest from the scorching asphalt. As the Mountain Rescue Service of Serbia, in addition to rescue, also deals with the prevention of accidents through constant education, we would like to refer once again to some basic and very important rules that should be followed when you decide to do activities in the mountains.

First and foremost, never go into the mountains alone. When choosing a partner for your next adventure, go through the following items together:

– plan your activity

– ask about the terrain you plan to visit – how steep it is, what the surface is like, whether it is well marked.

Use the materials already available on the page of the Mountaineering Association of Serbia, Mountaineering Clubs covering the region you plan to visit, an application such as Yettel Green Trails (you can find it on the Yettel mobile application), which contains information that our teams have checked and categorized so that it will be easier for you to start your first steps in the mountain.

– check the weather forecast

– contact someone who will certainly be available and give them the following information: where you are going, who you are going with, what your travel plan is and the expected time of return. Also remember to call that person when you get back, so they don’t launch a rescue operation while you’re drinking tea in the safety of your own home.

Even for the most harmless walks, there is equipment that is mandatory for staying in the mountains:

– always take water and food with you

– start with a full phone battery and bring a spare battery

– bring a headlamp or flashlight, they can make various situations much easier. In addition to helping you move more easily during the night, they also mean a lot as light communication

– have a personal first aid kit adapted to your knowledge, which must necessarily contain astro foil, i.e. an isothermal blanket

– footwear and clothing must be adequate and adapted to the terrain you are heading to. Do not forget that the weather conditions on the mountain can change very quickly and easily. Have something to keep you warm if you stay unplanned in the mountains, especially at night.

And finally, enjoy the nature, don’t forget to return everything you took with you to the nature, and just in case, have our phone number +381 62 46 46 46 written down.
source:GSS Srbije