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Traditional GSS ski race on Kopaonik on March 5, 2023.

Kopaonik 04.03.2023. “Fast and safe” is the universal rescue motive, but also the name of this year’s ski and tour race of the Mountain Rescue Service, which will be held tomorrow, March 5, on the ski slope number 2 “Malo jezero”, on Kopaonik, starting at 5 p.m. .

In addition to rescuers from the Mountain Rescue Service of Serbia, fellow rescuers from Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Romania, as well as colleagues from the Ski Resort of Serbia will participate in the race. Races are of show character.

“This year, the race will be in the format of parallel slalom in relay-type pairs, where each of the competitors will drive the entire course. The teams will be chosen randomly from registered competitors on the spot,” said Mihajlo Jovanović, rescuer of the Mountain Rescue Service.

With this race, the GSS of Serbia wants to promote safety and point out the rules of behavior on the ski slopes, both in the Kopaonik ski center and in other ski resorts in the country.

GSS of Serbia invites everyone to come and enjoy the ski skills of the rescuers.

The general sponsor of the race is the company Yettel, which is also a strategic partner of the Mountain Rescue Service of Serbia. Other sponsors include Orbit, Snickers, GoPro, Red Bull, Atomic, Salomon, Milwaukee, Ski Resorts of Serbia, Dacia and Land Rover.