Vaccination and testing for Covid19 is possible in the ski center Kopaonik during the ski season

Kopaonik 11/24/2021 Director of the Public Company “Ski Resorts of Serbia” Dejan Ćika and acting Director of the “Torlak” Institute, Dr. Vesna Stoiljković, signed an agreement today by which the contracting parties undertake to organize testing for Covid19 during the 2021/22 ski season in the Kopaonik ski center, as well as to carry out immunization against this disease.

Tourists who will stay on Kopaonik this season will be able to do the necessary laboratory diagnostics on Covid19, as well as be vaccinated against this disease within the Trauma Center, which is located in the premises of the Raska Health Center on Kopaonik this season.

In this way, the “Ski Resorts of Serbia” and the “Torlak” Institute will provide all tourists with the opportunity to receive the vaccine or to be tested for the corona virus.