A workshop on human resources education in tourism was held on Kopaonik

Kopaonik 13.09.2021. On September 9, one of the workshops from the series of trainings and education of tourist workers was held on Kopaonik in order to recover the tourist economy in the Republic of Serbia, from the crisis caused by the SARS KoV-2 virus pandemic, and create conditions for knowledge and skills transfer which directly affect the competitiveness of the tourist destination.

The training was held at the Hotel Putnik on Kopaonik, which was also an opportunity to get to know the contents and services of the hotel itself.

The educational workshop was opened by Zlatko Milenković, Director of the Kopaonik Region, who greeted all participants, including representatives of the Kopaonik National Park, PE Ski Resorts of Serbia, the Serbian Army, tourist workers and hotel representatives from Kopaonik, and especially greeted colleagues from tourist organizations: Ćuprija, Kragujevac, Rača, Region of Western Serbia, Vrnjačka Banja, Blace, Aleksandrovac, Trstenik, Raška, Brus …

The training on the topic “Creating an umbrella brand for a tourist destination, methodology, steps and expected results” was held by Nemanja Milenković, director of the Foundation “Novi Sad 2021-European Capital of Culture”.

Workshop participants had the opportunity to hear about branding destinations, products and services and increasing the visibility of rentiers for tourist offers, products and services.

At the end of the workshop, the questions of the participants and the answers of the lecturers followed, i.e. it was more of a discussion in which most of the participants participated, which achieves the goal of education – to contribute to improving the overall tourism marketing system of the Republic of Serbia in accordance with the adopted Strategic Marketing Plan of Tourism of the Republic of Serbia until 2025.

The organization of events directed by the Kopaonik Region was at the level but it should be noted the host behavior of the operational director of the Hotel Putnik, Mr. Petar Bozanovic, who personally welcomed the participants, was with them all the time, occasionally participated in discussions and of course At the end of the presentation, he accompanied all the participants individually, wishing them a happy journey with an invitation to visit the Hotel Putnik again soon.

Apart from the fact that the participants could be educated on the topic of branding and branding of tourist destinations, this was also an opportunity to meet, exchange experiences and ideas, as well as to get to know the various contents of the Putnik Hotel on Kopaonik even better.