After championship titles, Evin Pesic Zajmi creates new snowboarders and the KEREFEKE brand

Former multiple snowboard champion Evin Pesic Zajmi is back on the slopes of the Kopaonik ski center where she transfers her knowledge to younger snowboarders, both beginners and all those who want to perfect “surfing” down the snowy slopes of “Srebrne planine”.

Evin is very successful today as a snowboard instructor and increasingly recognized by the KEREFEKE brand.

The KEREFEKE brand, behind which a whole mosaic of winter accessories is hidden, was created by Evin Eva Pesic, an academic painter and multiple snowboard champion, with the mentorship of her father Miki Zajmi, firmly linking his passion for sports and his love for painting. One by one, a small cap of colorful and geometric shapes, and yet very practical in protecting us from the approaching winter days, together form the true image of modern design and Serbian tradition.

Evin used to spend a lot of time on Kopaonik and other mountain resorts competing, and now she’s back on the mountain as a snowboard instructor.

Mountain, snow, winter … creaking snow underfoot … as the bucket sinks under the snow or splashes the powdery snow feeling like a cloud ride …

Winter has always been and will be a big part of Evin Eve Pesic multimedia artist who has combined incompatible sport and art, tradition and modern geometry. Inspired by the snow and adrenaline of winter sports, she was raised from her grandparents by her grandparents Rade and Barfulja Zajmi who launched an avalanche of skiers on Šari and later her father, the famous snowboard pioneer Miki Zajmi.The love for the blue sky with its exceptionally white snow and the fantastic colors and patterns absorbed in my dad’s studio with the scent of the screen printing inevitably meant that this love would last forever.
Until 1999, she lived in Pristina, where life for her and her family then changed course.

“Since then, we have lived on Kopaonik for several years where it was simply amazing for someone to start living in that wilderness. In the basement, Dad did a workshop and together with his mom we started picking dried flowers, then printing cups … all for tourists .

During this period I progressed immensely as an athlete and became a champion and representative of Yugoslavia later in Serbia. On several occasions, I was a candidate for the Nagano Olympics, but due to the situation in the country, it was not possible.

I became a certified ISIA snowboard instructor and member of the demo team. It was fun and exciting … It was an extraordinary experience especially since I worked two jobs: during the day I worked as an instructor and trained and in the afternoon with my mom and dad made t-shirts and mugs.

Up until the moment when I met my love Dimitrija, my future husband, and wanted to find out with him what was there somewhere across the branch … It was a great experience living and working in South Africa. I worked as a creative director at an advertising agency. Learned a lot and gained new experiences. There was everything … except snow.

After a couple of years, we came back with a nostalgic wish to raise our children here with our family and our culture here in our Balkans. Let’s take advantage of the knowledge we have gained and make something interesting from here.
As I worked on engaging graphic design for others, over time, that idea grew stronger and took shape. I wanted to use my knowledge as an academic painter and make something of my own.

My kids Jug and Nia are my biggest inspiration in seeing all the color and positivity. They move and inspire me. Since I didn’t have enough time to paint, the digital collages I set out to create soon became my new canvas. Each collage has a story, relating to the Balkan culture, and this is how the collage came about: Jenny – inspired by Tesnom kožom , The Valley of Lilacs – a digital collage with the outlines of Maglič and Jelene Anžujska’s Illustration, Rose Pig – inspired by Serbian holidays.

Using my knowledge and capabilities, the idea started to develop … I combined my illustrations and drawings in clothes … T-shirts, blouses, skirts, dresses, dresses, geometric shapes with bright colors simply exploded on textiles.

I decided to learn how to sew to better understand material issues. There were nights and days of sleepless nights, mistakes and failures, but the desire to create something creative was extremely strong.

The t-shirts were extremely noticeable when I started with the geometry of the portrait. The first in the series was the Beogradski pobednik then Tesla, Ivo Andrić … I am very happy with the reaction I get from people and I try to use the best possible materials. I wanted to combine the color I cultivate with my favorite sport – snowboarding, and that’s how the colorful Kerefeke hats came about. Extremely attractive.
We tried to keep the price as fair as possible because we do everything ourselves. Each cap and mascapa goes through the hand several times.
For now, we are exhibiting around the handmade markets where people who love such things come. A group that has slowly crystallized is as specific as I am because it loves sports and the arts.

Our wish is to continue to promote our product and to make Kerefek a worldwide brand created in Serbia. On one occasion, a lady commented .. you are wonderful, you are like a Serbian desigual … “- said Evin Eva Pesic, former snowboard champion and today a successful multimedia artist and snowboard instructor.

Miki Zajmi

Products of the KEREFEKE brand made with a lot of attention and love for sports and art. In addition to winter accessories where there are bandanas, helmet covers, hats, there are also KEREFEKE quality cotton sweatshirts and T-shirts that are hand-printed by screen printing.

Attention is especially drawn to sweatshirts of very interesting patterns, printed entirely from edge to edge, while ladies’ sweatshirts, sweatshirts, cardigans, pants, etc. are created for ladies.
There are also accompanying details without which trendsetters can’t imagine any styling – handbags, scarves, but also decorative mugs and pillows that can complement the warmth of your or your dear person’s treating you with this original gift because by purchasing a KEREFEKA product you are promoting a family-owned manufactory.
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