Alpine skiing competition TROPHY BELGRADE 2022 was held on Kopaonik

Kopaonik 05.03.2022. On March 4, 2022, the alpine skiing competition TROPHY OF BELGRADE 2022 was held on Kopaonik.

21 clubs from Serbia and Montenegro participated, 132 competitors, boys and girls aged 7 to 15.

The giant slalom competition was successfully organized by the Ski Association of Belgrade and the technical organization of the Sports Ski Club “Red Star”.

The competition was organized on the Gobelja trail with the great help of the Ski Resort of Serbia and the Ski Association of Serbia. The organization has the significant support of the Secretariat for Sports and Youth of Belgrade and the Sports Association of Belgrade

Results – winners by categories:

Pahulje: Danica Ilic (SK Besna kobila Vranje)

Pahuljani: Racko Kostic (SK Bela Reka Brzece)

Younger cicibanke: Dunja Djordjevic (SK Nis)

Younger cicibani: Vuk Kežić (Belgrade Ski Club)

Older cicibanke: Kalina Ilijevski (Belgrade Ski Club)

Older cicibani: Mihajlo Miljković (SK Bela Reka Brzeće)

Younger girls: Lara Radulovic (SK Rtanj Belgrade)

Younger boys: Nestor Ivanovic (SK Ares Belgrade)

Older girls: Petra Lazovic (SK MM Belgrade)

Older boys: Filip Banic (Belgrade Ski Club)

The next competition is today, Saturday, March 5, BELGRADE CHAMPIONSHIP 2022 – giant slalom, and next week, March 6, BELGRADE CHAMPIONSHIP 2022 – slalom.
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