As of today, the GSS of Serbia is increasing the number of rescuers in the mountains

Kopaonik, February 12, 2021 Due to the upcoming holidays and the expected larger number of tourists in the mountains, the Mountain Rescue Service of Serbia will also increase the number of rescuers on duty. More than 30 rescuers will be on duty on Kopaonik, Zlatibor and Stara Planina, from tomorrow until next weekend.

The mountain rescue service also appeals to all visitors to the mountains in the coming period to prepare well for winter conditions, low temperatures and a large amount of snow, which has been announced for the coming days.

First of all, inform the competent services about the condition and passability of the road to the desired mountain area. It is important to pay attention to enough fuel in the tank, as well as a charged mobile battery phone, enough food, water, blankets and extra clothes. In winter conditions, drivers should also bring certain amounts of sand that is thrown away if the car gets stuck.

In order to successfully cope with the cold and snow in the mountains, the advice of the Mountain Rescue Service is that clothes and shoes must not be tightened, otherwise the blood circulation will stop and there will be rapid hypothermia and frostbite. made of material that does not allow wind and moisture. Ideally, it should be a material that allows the body to breathe, to get moisture from the body it filters to the outside while preventing outside moisture from penetrating inside.

If you get lost in the mountains, be sure to find a swirl, while the pace of movement on the snow should not be fast so as not to sweat, but not too slow so as not to cool down, given the fact that snow and wind lower body temperature.

It is best to walk at a moderate speed. Useful things that should be taken, and they fit in your pocket, are a candle and a lighter, a whistle, a flashlight, a charged mobile phone. chocolate or other sweets, perorez and astrofolia.

For help on the ski slope, or in any situation related to movement, stay and dangers in the mountains, contact the rescuers of the Mountain Rescue Service of Serbia:
GSS Kopaonik: +381 63 466 466
GSS Stara planina: +381 63 466 461
GSS Zlatibor: +381 63 466 467
GSS Divčibare: +381 63 466 427

The Mountain Rescue Service of Serbia is a voluntary and non-profit organization whose main goal is assistance and rescue in inaccessible mountain and urban conditions.Saving human life, helping a person in need, is the basic task of this service.

GSS Srbije was founded in 1952 by experienced alpinists of the Mountaineering Association of Serbia, while today the service consists of about 250 active lifeguards, many of whom are experienced mountaineers, highlanders, alpinists, sports climbers, speleologists, divers and skiers.

The service has doctors, doctors of science, engineers, members of the army, special police units, students …
photo: Mountain Rescue Service of Serbia