Combined gondola – cable car MALI KARAMAN instead of a ski lift

Kopaonik 15.01.2023. An urban planning project for the construction of a combined gondola – cable car MALI KARAMAN in the Kopaonik ski center was completed.

A new installation of a combined gondola – cable car is planned on the route of the existing Mali Karaman ski lift. The starting station is planned in the zone between the national road of the II order and Mali Karaman lake, while the exit station is planned next to the plateau of the exit station of the Brzeće-Mali Karaman gondola.
Next to the departure station, the construction of a ground-floor building with an area of ​​about 460 m2 is planned, with a gallery below which an underground garage for the cabins and baskets of the combined gondola – cable car is planned. The width of the safety belt of the combined gondola – cable car is 40 m, and the length is up to 1310 m.
The combined cable car reaches its final capacity of 2400 p/h using 63 vehicles (48 seats and 15 gondolas) with a maximum speed of 5.00 m/s. The length of the cable car-gondola is 1254.00 m, the travel time is 4.14 min, while the permitted wind speed during operation is up to 70 km/h.

The creation of the Urban Planning Project for the construction of the combined gondola – Mali Karaman cable car was started at the request of the investor, JP Ski Resorts of Serbia, while an important development factor of the gravitating ski resort and complex is the planned cabin cable cars “Brzeće/Bela Reka -Mali Karaman-Suvo Rudište” which are of particular importance for the opening of new entrances to the ski area, which relieves the current skiing conditions in the Suvo Rudište complex.