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FIT camp Kopaonik in July 2021 – Learn to move, feed and live

FIT camp Kopaonik – Learn to move, feed and you’ll live – is planned to be held in July 2021, organized by a team consisting of Rajko and Sanja Jakovljević, who are leaders and members of PSD Kopaonik from Belgrade.

FIT camp Kopaonik will be realized in two groups, in the period from 11 to 18 July, and will cover three areas – proper, effective and healthy movement, proper, effective and healthy nutrition, as well as all camp participants to learn how to acquire knowledge and skills during the camp are applied and become a part of everyday life…

More about the idea of ​​FIT camp on Kopaonik – Learn to move, feed and live:

Dear nature lovers…

It took me a long time to come up with a form for such a challenging title. I know that every change has its price, it’s just a question of who is ready to pay the price of change. Only a few are on the path to change.

And is it necessary to change?

Here we get a clear answer only if we look at our results. Many only talk about excuses, but the result is the one that is authoritative and that tells us CHANGE! We have a lot to say on this topic in this area as well, mountaineers, excursionists, nature lovers.

The topic of our action refers to three important fields, which we will try to show in practice, use, learn and continue to apply permanently. When we master this, we open the way for stable growth in any area. Because there is no stagnation. It becomes just growth and loss.

The three areas that we will cover and that we will live on Kopaonik in two groups are:

* to learn how to move properly, effectively and healthily for us,

* to learn and apply how to eat properly, effectively and healthily for us,

* to learn how to make everything previously learned a part of us, and we a part of it – that is work on our mind.

The planned program will include the most beautiful walking tours, because Kopaonik has something to show. – said Rajko Jakovljević.

Note 1: This action is not for everyone, it is not for someone who does not adapt to the group, is not ready to change, does not want to grow, thinks he knows everything, who has more serious health problems, is not ready to pay the price of change, results…

Note 2: This action is only for those who are constantly working on themselves, who are ready to work on themselves, who are not sure if they are ready and not satisfied with their result, who are ready to pay the price of change…

Accommodation in Dom Kopaonik is modest, but neat. Food breakfast and late lunch are provided. The organizer provides three more meals per day – for a fee, which are an integral part of this training. Transportation is individual or organized.

The first group is in the period from 11-15.07. five days with a registration fee of 8,480.00 dinars

The second group is in the period from 15-18.07.  four days with a registration fee of 6,360.00 dinars.

Contact the organizer as soon as possible, so you will have a slightly better accommodation, which can be from double to multiple rooms.

Contact, detailed information and registration on tel: +381 60 387 0123 and e-mail: