Gazdinstvo Gavrilović and restaurant Kljunac gastronomic brand of Kopaonika

Kopaonik, as the most important tourist destination in Serbia, has several brands, and one of them is the products of the Gavrilović Farm from Vlajkovci, as well as the Kljunac restaurant.

This agro farm on the east side of Kopaonik is characterized by processing of domestic and forest fruits, which transforms into quality home-made products, as well as gastronomic and tourist offer in ethno restaurants Etno house Kljunac in Vlajkovci and Etno restaurant Kljunac on Kopaonik …
Aleksandar Gavrilović spoke about the assortment of Gavrilović Farm products, among which the most famous is “Gavrin ajvar”, as well as the gastronomic offer in Kljunac restaurants: