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Get to know the beautiful landscapes of Kopaonik by hiking and trekking from July 3rd to 11th

PSD Kopaonik Belgrade is organizing mountaineering actions in the protected natural asset Kopaonik National Park in the period from July 3 to 11, 2021, during which participants will have the opportunity to get to know the beautiful landscapes of mountain Kopaonik.

Nine days of stay on Kopaonik with accommodation – eight nights in the House of PSD “Kopaonik” on a half board basis – breakfast and later lunch.

Accommodation is in single rooms with bathroom (25 beds) and multi-bed rooms with upstairs bathroom (25 beds). The rooms have bed linen – towels should be brought. The home has central heating, internet and computer equipment.

Departure is from Belgrade on Saturday, July 3, in the morning, and the return from Kopaonik to Belgrade is on July 11 (arrival until 21:00).

The action is realized with a minimum of a group of 12 participants.

PRICE PER DAY: 1500 RSD includes accommodation, food (breakfast and later lunch), sojourn tax and organization costs.

The price is on a daily basis, and participants in the action can apply from one to 8 nights according to personal available time and possibilities.

Accommodation in the home is done according to the order of registration and payment.

The total price of 8 nights / 9 days: accommodation, food (breakfast and later lunch), sojourn tax and organizational costs is:
– for double, triple and quadruple rooms with bathroom 13.030,00 rsd
– for a six-bed room (room 6), with a bathroom 12.830,00 rsd
– for 12-13-bedded room (room 9.10), upstairs bathroom 12.430,00 rsd

The prices do not include the price of entry to the National Park, and will be charged when the implementation of the decision prescribed by the PE “NP Kopaonik” begins.

Applications with payments no later than Wednesday, June 30, 2021. at the meeting of the Company or by payment to the bank account, with the remark that in case of cancellation it is necessary to find a replacement. Mountaineers outside Belgrade or those who cannot come to the presentation at the Club, can pay into the current account of the guide. Current account number can be obtained after providing personal data (surname, name, date of birth, name of the mountaineering club – society, mountaineering book number and contact phone number) by SMS, phone or e-mail.


  1. The guide can organize a special transport or purchase return tickets for regular transport Belgrade-Kopaonik. The place of departure is the parking lot of the Sava Center or the main AS Belgrade (discounts on group and return tickets).
  2. Personally, by buying tickets for regular intercity transport Belgrade-Kopaonik, carrier Kavim, Raska with departures from Belgrade: Saturday and weekdays at 07.15 and from Kopaonik on Sunday 14.40.
  3. Privately, by car, taking into account that the road through Jošanička Banja is closed to traffic until October due to road works.

EQUIPMENT: Small backpack, water, sandwiches, sweets, fruit, comfortable hiking shoes, protection from the sun and rain, upholstery for 9 days, comfortable and layered wardrobe according to the weather, cameras, etc.

Fitness and mental readiness and good mood.

DOCUMENTS: Certified mountaineering and health booklet, ID card, money, etc. If, during the stay in the home, the mountaineer does not have his mountaineering card with him, he must re-join the guide, by filling out the application form and paying the membership fee.

07:15 Departure from Belgrade
12:15 Arrival at PSD “Kopaonik” and accommodation.
14:00 Hiking tour:
PSD “Kopaonik” (1725 m above sea level, KT1) – Jaram (1778m) – Velika Gobelja (1934 m above sea level, KT2) – Jaram (1778m) – PSD “Kopaonik”.
Characteristics of the trail: trail through the forest, part of the asphalt and over the pastures, length about 8 km, height differences on ascent and descent about 210 m
17:00 Lunch, rest and socializing.

DAYS from 04. to 10.07.2021.
07:00 – 08:00 Waking up, personal hygiene, preparation of a small backpack and equipment for a hiking tour.
08:00 – 09:00 Breakfast
09:00 – 16:00 Hiking
17:00 Lunch, rest, free time, socializing by the fire and music


Hiking tours in the field will be realized in accordance with the weather conditions and the possibilities of the mountaineers.

  1. Greben tour, Suvo Rudište peak (1978 m)
    Home PSD “Kopaonik” 1720m – Cross – Suvo Rudiste (1978m, KT5) – Pajino preslo 1804m – Karaman 1901 – Yoke 1778m – Velika Gobelja 1934m – Yoke – Home PSD “Kopaonik”.
    Trail characteristics: forest road and grass trail up to 17 km long, height difference on ascent and descent about 550 m.
  2. Treska, peak Šiljak:
    Dom PSD “Kopaonik” 1720 m – Krst (1758m) – Pojila (1632m) – Treska, vrh Šiljak (1626m) – PSD “Kopaonik” home
    Trail characteristics: medium-difficult trail, road and forest trail, length about 12 km, height differences on ascent and descent about 452 m.
  3. Mountaineering transversal “Josif Pancic” – eastern part
    Home PSD “Kopaonik” (1725 mn / v, KT1) – Velika Gobelja (1934 mn / v, KT2) – Gvozdac (1417 mn / v, KT3) – Shrine of Metodja – Ledenice (1870 mn / v, KT4) – Karaman 1904 m above sea level) – Pajino preslo 1804 m – Suvo Rudište (1978 m, KT5) – Home PSD “Kopaonik”.
    Trail characteristics: strenuous tour, trail length 18 km, total altitude difference is about 1900 m, total duration about 7 hours. The price of the diary and the transversal “Josif Pančić” is 150 dinars.
  4. Suvo Rudiste (1978m):
    Home PSD “Kopaonik” (1725 m above sea level, KT1) – Pajino preslo 1804m – Suvo Rudište (1978 m, KT5) – Sunny slope (tourist resort Konaci) – Home PSD “Kopaonik”.
    Characteristics of the circular trail: the length of the trail is 12 km, the total height difference is about 600 m, the total duration is about 4 hours.
  5. Nebeske stolice and Jelovarnik waterfall
    Home PSD “Kopaonik” – Pajino preslo (1804 m) – Nebeske stolice – Church 1793m – Waterfall Jelovarnik (1000 m above sea level) – Mramor monument (1127m).
    Trail characteristics: length 17 km, total height difference is about 800 m, total duration about 5 hours. Return by bus from the monument to the House of PSD “Kopaonik”.
  6. Mushroom trail:
    Home PSD “Kopaonik” (1725 m above sea level) – Markov Kamen (1760m) – tourist resort – Home PSD “Kopaonik”.
    Trail characteristics: a path through the forest, about 6 km long with a minimum height difference.

Additional contents can be realized for a group of 18 participants with payment of transportation costs and tickets.

Additional contents of hiking trips:

  1. Visit to “NP Kopaonik”
  2. National Assembly on Kopaonik 07.07.2021.
  3. Josanicka Banja – swimming pools and spa baths – enjoyment
  4. Hiking tour Special nature reserve Uvac Canyon:
    Uvačko Lake (985m) – Markova ravan – Vidikivac 1, Molitva 1247m – Krstac (985m).
    Trail characteristics: dirt and rocky trail, without shade, length up to 12 km in total, height differences on ascent and descent 650 m (3.5 to 4 hours of walking).
    Along the way, lunch at the Benko bakery in Duga Poljana, and a visit to the monasteries: Sopoćani, Đurđevi Stupovi and the Church of St. Peter and Paul; the remains of the town of Rasa in Pazarište.
  5. Walking tour Čemerno, Savine Isposnice (1000 yd):
    Bridge of the river Studenica (510 m) – Donja Isposnica (691m) – Gornja Isposnica (930 m) – return by the same path to the bridge of the river Studenica.
    Trail characteristics: asphalt and narrow, soft, drained trail through the forest, total length about 7 km, height differences on ascent and descent 420 m to 3 hours of walking.
    Visit to the Studenica Monastery. Enjoyment in Jošanička Banja – swimming pools and bathrooms (300rsd ticket).
  6. “Golija Nature Park and Golija Biosphere Reserve – Studenica”:
    Bzovik (1190m) – Izubra Gornji vodopad (980m) – Bzovik.
    Trail characteristics: road and forest trail, height differences during ascent and descent 210m, total length about 6km, (about 3 hours of walking with breaks). Along the way, visit the monasteries of Gradac and Pavlice.

SUNDAY 11.07.2021.
07:30 – 08:00 Waking up, personal hygiene, preparing a small backpack for a hiking tour.
08:00 – 09:00 Breakfast
09:00 Departure for hiking.
Shorter easy trail: Dom PSD “Kopaonik” 1720 m – Markov Kamen (1760m) – tourist resort – Home of PSD “Kopaonik”
Trail characteristics: a path through the forest, about 6 km long with a minimum height difference.
13:00 – 14:00 Lunch, packing and leaving home.
14:40 Departure for Belgrade, arrival is planned until 21:00

The guide reserves the right to change the plan due to weather conditions and other unforeseen circumstances in order to protect the life and health of the participants in the action.

The guide is not responsible for hikers with health problems who have signed up for the tour.

Special notes: each participant goes at his own risk in accordance with the PSS Security Regulations. PARTICIPANTS MUST ACT ON THE GOVERNMENT RECOMMENDATION IN ORDER TO PROTECT AGAINST THE SPREAD OF THE PANDEMIC.

PSS guide: Slavica Boskovic MB 260 PSD “Kopaonik” Belgrade
Contact tel: +381 69 10 41 792 Viber, Messenger or email: