The GSS of Serbia will start active duty on Kopaonik from today

Kopaonik 17.06.2021. From today, the rescuers of the Mountain Rescue Service will start an active duty on Kopaonik, while on Zlatibor and Stara Planina, the rescue duty will be passive.

Mountain Rescue Service on these three mountains, will be on duty during the entire summer season, ie until the first half of September.

Rescue shifts will be the same as before, every week and in case you need help on the mountain you can call GSS Kopaonik: 063 466 466.

The Mountain Rescue Service of Serbia is a voluntary and non-profit organization whose main goal is help and rescue in inaccessible mountain and urban conditions. Saving human life, helping a person in need, is the basic task of this service.

The GSS of Serbia was founded in 1952 by experienced alpinists of the Mountaineering Association of Serbia, while today the service consists of about 250 active lifeguards, many of whom are experienced mountaineers, alpinists, sport climbers, speleologists, divers and skiers. The service has doctors, doctors of science, engineers, members of the army, special police units, students…